AnalogRytm: change: dynamically load node from .tsl script library
AnalogRytm: fix: update sound preset combobox when sound is selected via MIDI
AnalogRytm: add: support for Firmware/OS 1.70  (can import OS1.50/1.61 sound presets)
AnalogRytm: add: show names instead of raw parameter value for certain parameters (e.g. wave shapes, speeds)
AnalogRytm: add: track level widget (kit tab)
AnalogRytm: add: SYN / SMP / FLT / AMP / LFO randomization ('r' randomized last selected param group, 't' reverts to last saved state)
  Arranger: fix: first clip replay tick after track mute/solo
  Arranger: change: consecutive clicks within same clip no longer toggles selection
  Arranger: add: clip start/len unit combobox
  Arranger: add: option to display beat / bar labels as 0,1,2,3,4,.. instead of 1,2,3,4,5,..
  Arranger: add: force-update sample peaks when executing "Query" or "Clear" in AudioLiveRecForm
  Arranger: add: backward-cycle through play modes via lshift-p
  Arranger: add: keyboard shortcut for (un-)muting select clip(s) (lctrl-q)
     Audio: fix: don't normalize sample peaks when sample is empty (just background noise)
     Audio: add: incremental, semi-automatic note overdub mode with customizable voice panning (AudioLiveRecForm)
     Audio: add: alternatively toggle AudioLiveRecDialog by right-clicking "stop" button
     Audio: add: extra-16ths field (used when creating new audio clip samples, e.g. by drawing clip in arranger)
     Audio: add: handle case where Eureka track input is mono but sample is stereo (recording with FX / panning)
     Audio: add: save/restore NT_AudioDialog, AudioRecordDialog, AudioLiveRecDialog window geometries
     Audio: add: return focus to patternview with lctrl-x c
    Buffer: change: dynamically load node from .tsl script library
  CtlMorph: change: dynamically load node from .tsl script library
    CtlTag: add: context menus and allow quick-selection of port+type from ctltag entries
    CtlTag: add: import controllers from MIDI synth profile
    CtlTag: add: edit tag name via RMB click or by pressing F2
    CtlTag: add: new entry from ctl clipboard A/B menu items
    CtlTag: add: add "Node Remote Control" submenu
     Delay: change: dynamically load node from .tsl script library
    Eureka: fix: sampler KEYBOARD mod matrix source curve transformation
    Eureka: fix: (mono)glide not working correctly in temporary sample player
    Eureka: fix: reload initial performance controllers from sample in resetAllControllers()
    Eureka: fix: waveform freedraw stops audio when LMB is released
    Eureka: fix: crash when drum track is active and replay is reset
    Eureka: fix: sample cache occasionally gets corrupted after adding single sample (forces rescan on next start)
    Eureka: fix: replay / audio stream restart (e.g. when LMB-hold-clicking statusbar "Reset" button)
    Eureka: fix: release loop broken / crash when loop idx is set to 1
    Eureka: fix: Scope loadState() and handle track reordering
    Eureka: fix: "delete unused lanes" (delete _all_ unused lanes)
    Eureka: change: don't run cores hot / set b_poll=false by default on macOS (instead of maybe=short spin lock)
    Eureka: change: center new plugin windows
    Eureka: add: show cycle or FM editor when sample is clicked thrice
    Eureka: add: update zone sampleview view offset+zoom after deleting/insert area
    Eureka: add: update zone len after SoX/Rubberband op
    Eureka: add: 'fmstack' lofi fm synth voice plugin (and dedicated editor dialogs) (this is a phase modulation synth)
    Eureka: add: add sampler mod matrix source that returns play position of other zone / layer
    Eureka: add: inverted and bipolar mod sources (vel, mw, bc, fc, ex)
    Eureka: add: glide switch via CC#65
    Eureka: add: hold-click smp/EF/.. glide checkboxes to toggle all retrig flags
    Eureka: add: per-zone flag that determines whether the zone will be autoselected
    Eureka: add: optimize voice-plugin-only oscillator/fx rendering (helper sample size must be <= 32 frames)
    Eureka: add: Scope FFT view
    Eureka: add: editable lane names
    Eureka: add: per-zone keyboard center and range settings (KEYBOARD mod matrix sources)
    Eureka: add: show "new sample" menu (empty, sine, cycle(sine), fmstack)
    Eureka: add: create audiotrack: also create namespace + empty sample (32 16ths)
    Eureka: add: "FX send to track > xyz" output context menu items
    Eureka: add: auto-route currently focused track output to "focus" track (if exists) (e.g. for analyzer plugins)
    Eureka: add: "Create focus track", "Create master track" Tracks page context menu items
    Eureka: add: mod-enable mutex groups (-;1A;1B;2A;2B;3A;3B;4A;4B)
    Eureka: add: MMB-click "Current" navigation button to edit first mod
    Eureka: add: MMB-click PageTrack background to edit first mod
    Eureka: add: hold-click "+" in outputs form to clone last output
    Eureka: add: "gradient" sampleview render mode
    Eureka: add: undo freedraw via RMB (in sampleview)
    Eureka: add: display hyperthreaded / efficiency / performance core info in manual CPU core scheduling mode
    Eureka: add: append track at end when "+" button is used (hold-click to clone selected track)
    Eureka: add: "New track" button (insert track before current, hold-click to clone selected track)
    Eureka: add: input pan option (liverec samples)
    Eureka: add: update / finish track colorization ("Tracks" page)
    Eureka: add: sampler option that stops voices in release phase from being modulated by performance controllers
    Eureka: add: toggle zerocrossing snap with MMB-hold (in addition to lctrl-y)
    Eureka: add: outputs context menu function for quickly adding send to lane 2,3,4,..
    Eureka: add: Cycle: AON FM machine / preset (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8B3NsRfjWg)
    Eureka: add: Cycle: zlp module 'sub' and 'div' inputs
    Eureka: add: Cycle: zlp module "lin" input
    Eureka: add: Cycle: button to resize SynthDialog to used args
    Eureka: add: Cycle: embed zlp/zon referenced waveforms in autogenerated STFX voice plugins
    Eureka: add: Cycle: aon_fm_v1, aon_fm_v1_lofi voice-plugins (frequency, not phase modulation. supports all original AON op shapes.)
    Eureka: add: Cycle: "arg_values" named preset values
    Eureka: add: Cycle: "param_values" named STFX voice plugin parameter preset values
    Eureka: add: Cycle: arg randomization groups
    Eureka: add: Cycle: param (STFX plugin) randomization groups
    Eureka: add: Cycle: osc_hh_v1 / osc_hh_v2 STFX plugins (hihat machines, see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyD5j7OjLWA)
    Eureka: add: insert new sample after current one (when pressing + button)
    Eureka: add: AudioTracks: add "append silence" checkbox next to drag'n'drop mode
    Eureka: add: snap loop ends of selected zones to nearest zero-crossing (de-click after auto-slicing)
    Eureka: add: select and zoom to highlighted (loop) area with 'e' (or via 'M' or 'S' default row click actions)
    Eureka: add: 4K / HiDPI support and 1K/2K/4K GUI size presets
  Freeform: fix: grid / vis bars floatparam keyboard focus (after pressing return)
  Freeform: fix: (regression) hanging notes when incoming MIDI event matches track port
  Freeform: fix: occasional double triggers when recording notes in Q_BAR quantization mode
  Freeform: change: default (new node) quant mode to Q_LOOP
  Freeform: change: follow songpos and modulo seek within loop region in master mode when editor is not visible
  Freeform: change: increase max visible bars from 8 to 256
  Freeform: change: properly name auto-generated modmatrix nodes
  Freeform: change: move "show context menu" to selection context menu
  Freeform: add: preserve tracker-edit settings
  Freeform: add: edit track sound with 'k' (SysEx, AnalogRytm, Eureka sample/plugin)
    Keymap: change: dynamically load node from .tsl script library
      MIDI: fix: UI briefly freezes after MIDI learn
      MIDI: add: option to redirect "remote_audio" ch1 events to play frame (skip node MIDI transform / handle by sampler) (lshift-F12 / stop menu item)
   MIDIMon: add: copy selected entry to ctl.clipboard a/b (RMB context menu)
   Modular: fix: crash when editing rack after loading node preset (stale module-refs)
   Modular: change: dynamically load node from .tsl script library
   Monitor: fix: disable Clear button and update tooltip when pattern is not allocated
   Monitor: change: increase STConfig.node_monitor_max_frames from 5000 to 20000
   Monitor: add: show #events and #frames when copying pattern to clipboard
  MonoPoly: change: dynamically load node from .tsl script library
MorphScene: add: add FaderPort fader from ctltag list
  PagePipe: add: preset combobox to "new-node" dialog
  PagePipe: add: lazy-create "master" pipe when creating new pipe via NewTrackDialog
   PipeMap: add: 'stashed_syntheditor_list' page command (debug)
   PipeMap: add: 'stashed_syntheditor_free ' page command (debug)
   PipeMap: add: 'stashed_node_mmc_list' page command (debug)
   PipeMap: add: 'stashed_node_mmc_free ' page command (debug)
   PipeMap: add: remember preferred_node_x when moving through pipes (up/down)
   PipeMap: add: select next instrument-type node with 'w'
   PipeMap: add: select next arranger-enabled node with 'lshift-a'
   PipeMap: add: quick-add tracker/freeform/trigseq context menu items
   PipeMap: add: show node play position and flash buttons before arranger-enabled node pattern restart (unless parent pipe is muted)
   PipeMap: add: select used patnr with lctrl-WHEEL (alternatively to HOME / END keys)
     Prefs: change: zoom setting to FloatParam and set mouse/finestep to 0.25
     Prefs: add: save window_x/y position
     Prefs: add: gui size presets (1K/2K/4K)
     Proxy: change: dynamically load node from .tsl script library
    Replay: add: cycle option that mutes notes at end of loop (click status bar cycle icon)
    Script: change: dynamically load node from .tsl script library
    Script: add: "decchorder" manual arpeggiator preset
    Script: add: add OnSongSelect() callback function
    Script: add: Linnstrument Arranger: per-track change quantization (0..1024 16ths) (also used when switching scenes)
    Script: add: Linnstrument Arranger: update pads after sub-song selection
    Script: add: Linnstrument Arranger: prevent accidental "copy scene" triggers with 500ms pad-hold threshold
  SubSongs: add: clone option + add alternative keyboard shortcuts + prompt sub-song name (new/delete)
     SysEx: fix: FMMatrix alg layout unreadable in dark/mono mode
     SysEx: change: dynamically load synth editors from .tsl script libraries
   Tracker: fix: prevent audio pattern samples from being deleted by arranger "delete unused samples"
   Tracker: change: don't select keyjazz instrument via lctrl-x a when current instrument uses audio mode
   Tracker: change: "Query IDs" now queries _all_ Eureka module instances that listen on the given MIDI port (hold-click ID widget for dropdown list)
   Tracker: add: when importing monitor pattern, (optionally) align pattern length to bar
   Tracker: add: show #bars after monitor pattern import
   Tracker: add: cycle steps/bars/beats with 'b' in pattern length dialog
   Tracker: add: show block menu when pressing 'a' while selection is valid
   Tracker: add: update AudioDialog so it can now also work w/o linked MIDI<>Audio nodes
   Tracker: add: "Import Audio RPNs" instrument view param table context menu item
   Tracker: add: show sample selector when detail-editing CTL_PC cel and keyjazz instrument uses audio mode
   Tracker: add: when AudioLiveRecDialog is opened while tracker editor is active, try to preselect sample+nsp from audio pattern
   Tracker: add: edit track sound with 'k' (SysEx, AnalogRytm, Eureka sample/plugin, audiopatterns)
   TrigSeq: fix: track arg3 editing in "-/numbers" modes
   TrigSeq: add: cycle step details/mods with mousewheel (over labelbutton)
   TrigSeq: add: option to display step nrs as 0,1,2,3,4,.. instead of 1,2,3,4,5,..
   TrigSeq: add: "Prev" option (ignore previous note output (framePlay) when unmapping notes)
   TrigSeq: add: edit track sound with 'k' (SysEx, AnalogRytm, Eureka sample/plugin)
        UI: fix: (REDRAW_DIRTY / REDRAW_ALL mixup related) high-frequency redraw issue 
        UI: add: sharpenfilter shader
        UI: add: RMB-click shows detail-edit FloatParamDialog (Dial, Slider)
        UI: add: SPACE opens and closes FloatParam detail-edit dialog
        UI: add: LMB-hold-click shows FloatParam preset selector (when available)
        UI: add: 4K / HiDPI support

    Eureka: fix:  right mouse button handling in bezier curve dialog
    Eureka: fix:  int var init (e.g. zsq module)
    Eureka: fix:  drum kit pad selection (e.g. via '4' / '5' keys)
    Eureka: fix:  copy initial performance controllers when cloning sample
    Eureka: fix:  properly update drum kit sample ids after inserting/deleting/moving samples
    Eureka: fix:  fix UI auto-scrolling when adding new lane or output in DRUM track mode
    Eureka: fix:  undo after replaceSelectionByClipboard() when clipboard was larger than sample
    Eureka: fix:  assign pad sample namespace to autoloaded samples (when loading drum kits)
    Eureka: add:  add utility function for creating granular sample from selection (lctrl-x g)
    Eureka: add:  LUT 'inv' flag (inverse look up tables)
    Eureka: add:  'sta' module (fma-transform value and store in procedural LUT)
    Eureka: add:  'end' pseudo module (unsets current lane, discards output of inverse LUT init lanes)
    Eureka: add:  select track size with keys '1'..'6'
    Eureka: add:  "clear inactive entries" mod matrix utility function
    Eureka: add:  toggle initial performance controller widgets hex/dec mode by clicking on labels
    Eureka: add:  show STFX plugin list when there are no VST plugins available
    Eureka: add:  SoX and Rubberband pitchshifting, timestretching, and 25 other effects/utility functions
    Eureka: add:  8svx, aiff(c), caf, cdda, cdr, flac, mp3, ogg, opus, txw, voc, w64 sample import
    Eureka: add:  loop start/end fade in/out option
    Eureka: add:  improve/declick sample shift EOL modulation
    Eureka: add:  "Cyclelen EOL" modmatrix target (click-free loop len modulation)
    Eureka: add:  properly handle missing STFX plugins (preserve plugin slots + params)
    Eureka: add:  support "Cyclelen Sample Offset" modmatrix target in non-wavetable sample playback (phase)
    Eureka: add:  build system for generated Cycle plugins (Linux, Windows, macOS)
   Tracker: add: print warning message if "tap" mode is still active when leaving node editor 

    Buffer: add: edit pattern name with lshift-n
    Buffer: add: lctrl-1..8 tab shortcuts
    Eureka: fix: 
    Eureka: add: Cycle modular synth can now generate native code STFX voice / track plugins
    Eureka: add: STFX plugin module (ModSTFX)
    Eureka: add: Preferences dialog (writes "eureka_config_local.tks")
    Eureka: add: Linux support
    Eureka: add: 
  Freeform: fix: polyphonic aftertouch events lost when switching to pattern editor and selection had no note ons
  Freeform: fix: change quantized restart from beat to bar
  Freeform: fix: temp steprec middle mouse button mode
  Freeform: add: MMT_CURSOR_TRACK_DELTA map target
  Freeform: add: edit pattern name with lshift-n
  Freeform: add: create velocity-curve modmatrix node(s) for up to 4 selected tracks (lctrl-l)
  Freeform: add: create velocity-rand modmatrix node (s) for up to 4 selected tracks (lctrl-lshift-l)
  Freeform: add: create velocity-modwheel2 modmatrix node(s) for selected tracks (lctrl-m)
  Freeform: add: create modwheel-modwheel2 modmatrix node(s) for selected tracks (lctrl-lshift-m)
   Project: fix: overwrite confirmation dialog not shown when suggested pathname contains $()
    Export: fix: write (non-optional) End Of Track meta SMF event
    Export: add: add SysEx checkbox to SMF export dialog
    Export: add: save export file name in project file and add option to set name to .mid
    KeyMap: add: edit pattern name with lshift-n
      MIDI: add: novation_sl_mk3 synth profile
      MIDI: add: emit high-res (14bit MSB+LSB) modwheel, breathcontrol, footcontrol, expression CCs
                  (MIDI synth profile "ccPerfLSB" attribute)
      MIDI: add: midi-mappable low/high octave softkeys to sl_mk3, montage, prophet08, acuna73, sub37 synth profiles
      MIDI: add: LocalMIDI (virtual MIDI) link between Synergy and Eureka applications (default=enabled)
  MIDIPipe: fix: force-disable running status on macOS
  MIDIPipe: add: overflow buffers and restrict max emit buffer size to 48 bytes per tick (e.g. for Pro 3)
 ModMatrix: fix: rescan curve presets after save within 30sec after startup
 ModMatrix: add: edit pattern name with lshift-n
   Modular: add: edit pattern name with lshift-n
   Monitor: fix: set sysex frame event midi_ch to 0
   Monitor: fix: show actual SysEx size instead of max buffer size
   Monitor: add: edit pattern name with lshift-n
MorphScene: add: multi-edit src/dst dev/ch of selected entries
    Script: fix: handle param type changes after source update / recompile
    Script: fix: textedit layout glitches and tab cycling
    Script: fix: potential double triggers in "note strum" script
    Script: fix: Linnstrument Arranger: changing i/o port discards all scenes
    Script: add: edit pattern name with lshift-n
    Script: add: "vel curve blend" preset (blend two velocity curves with expression pedal)
    Script: add: add OnUIUpdate() callback function
    Script: add: "sl_mk3" preset
    Script: add: "phrase_loop" preset (phrase retrig utility script)
    Script: add: highlight parse error line
    Script: add: "vel smooth" preset (velocity smoothing)
    Script: add: Linnstrument Arranger: option to select scenes via MIDI (note#)
     SysEx: add: Sequential Pro 3 synth profile + editor
     SysEx: add: "uiSubGroup" MIDI synth profile controller (editor) attribute
   TrigSeq: fix: note names preset not loaded
   TrigSeq: add: edit pattern name with lshift-n
        UI: fix: swap lalt/lmeta when queuing synKey on macOS
        UI: add: delta-edit toggle button via MIDI mapper (allowDeltaClick XFM attribute)
        UI: add: mouse cursor zoom option

   General: change release directory structure so the "mProjects/" folder can easily be copied to e.g. the user's home directory
             (please update "my_mproj_path" in synergy_config.tks / eureka_config.tks accordingly)
    Config: add: textedit_cmd option (TextEdit on macOS, notepad(++) on Windows)
    Eureka: fix: $() handling in voice calibration, voice FX, and Cycle machine preset loaders
    Eureka: fix: (macOS) sox path config (note: please install sox via homebrew)
    Eureka: add: "Edit config" button
     SysEx: add: Montage "Model" combobox (Montage or MODX) (will be saved in config)
        UI: add: "Edit config" / "Edit local config" transport-stop-menu items (launches system text editor)

20230331:  (10.12+ on x86_64 / 13.0+ on M1/M2)
AnalogRytm: change: use alternative TitledPanel render style in NAR_EditKitDialog
  Arranger: change: top-align sample panel (when Eureka process is connected)
    Config: add: STConfig.b_ignore_thread_affinity
  Freeform: fix: keep MIDI events in Rec frame while node is not being edited
      MIDI: fix: sort midi synth profiles by name (macOS)
      MIDI: fix: (N)RPN with value 0 not received (macOS)
      MIDI: fix: MIDI clock events (macOS)
 ModMatrix: add: Paste menu item tooltips
 ModMatrix: add: edit pattern script with lctrl-e
 ModMatrix: add: init pattern script and edit with lctrl-p or lctrl-lshift-e
 ModMatrix: add: edit current entry script with lctrl-f
 ModMatrix: add: close NMM_ScriptEntryDialog with lctrl-f
 ModMatrix: add: edit prev/next entry script with UP/DOWN (while ScriptEntryDialog is visible)
      Pipe: add: display "show in arranger" and also make it editable without entering node ('a')
      Pipe: add: edit current node with 'e'
      Pipe: add: quick-assign automation port from node class with 'q'
   PipeMap: add: edit current pipe with 'e'
  PipeRoot: add: edit current pipe with 'e'
     Prefs: change: use alternative TitledPanel render style
     Prefs: add: make b_key_swap_pattern_home_end configurable in UI
    Script: fix: script/xfm editor initial layout issue
   Tracker: change: show current keyjazz octave as range (e.g. C3..G-5)
   TrigSeq: change: use alternative TitledPanel render style in NodeTrigSeqTrackSetupDialog
        UI: fix: lshift wheelup mouse-events (macOS)
        UI: fix: drag and drop (macOS)
        UI: add: enforce minimum window size (960x600)
        UI: add: Eureka launch button (status bar "Stop" button menu)

20230218: <7th macOS arm64+x86_64 beta release> (10.12+ on x86_64 / 13.0+ on M1/M2)
 All Nodes: auto-load "default" node preset after instantiating new node (hold lshift in name dialog to skip)
 All Nodes: fix node / pipe preset scan on macOS
   Tracker: add: STConfig.b_node_tracker_note_octave_offset_glyphs
        UI: add: STConfig.midi_note_octave_offset (-2=Yamaha C-3, -1=Roland C-4, 0=MIDI C-5)
        UI: add: close application by clicking left/top pixel in fullscreen mode


    Eureka: add: EQ3 module
    Eureka: add: voice calibration tables + mod matrix sources
    Eureka: add: major additive wavetable engine update
  Arranger: add: normalize audio clip

    Eureka: add: dock window to Synergy sequencer window (STConfig.b_window_docked)
    Eureka: fix: monophonic slide
    Eureka: add: auto-slide (maxTime)
     SysEx: add: Montage: (global) "Enable FX" option
        ui: fix: TextField regression

    Eureka: change: new UI layout now fits into 960x600 window
   General: add "nosynthedit" Synergy version (rename data_nosynthedit.tkx to data.tkx)
        IO: add: save node data size and skip unknown node type chunks (STConfig.b_ignore_node_load_error)
 ModMatrix: fix: S&H output type
 ModMatrix: change: don't reset SH_INF type value when node is reset
 ModMatrix: add: "slew v2" preset
MorphScene: add: "active" checkbox (per entry)
     SysEx: change: post-pone synth editor init and profile data reload (+ skip entirely when device is not connected)
        UI: fix: textinputdialog escape key regression

   PipeMap: add: alternative sysex page keyboard shortcut (lctrl-TAB)
   PipeMap: add: insert new pipe after currently selected pipe (instead of first unused)
   PipeMap: add: shift following pipes after deleting pipe
     Proxy: add: Montage: handle frameRec Input Device events (e.g. control soundmorph with MIDI controller)
     SysEx: fix: Montage: FMMatrix: part level+noteshift widgets
     SysEx: fix: Montage: layer flags update issue (after copy'n'paste)
     SysEx: fix: Montage: pfx lost after pasting variation to empty part
     SysEx: fix: Montage: fix keyboard focus tab-cycling (CtlForm, LFOForm, PartForm)
     SysEx: fix: Montage: FMSoundMixer: when  is selected as sound source, restore before morph
     SysEx: add: Montage: support extended LFO range (AWM2 + FM-X)
     SysEx: add: Montage: edit part insert effects (89 effects, 1001 parameters)
     SysEx: add: Montage: PartMixer: add "swap with main variation" utility function
     SysEx: add: Montage: PageSysEx "ch" combobox can now be used for part selection
     SysEx: add: Montage: tools menu utility function: disable Vol/Exp (all parts / all variations)
     SysEx: add: Montage: add part button context menu (Patch tab)
     SysEx: add: Montage: add AWM2/FM-X/DRUM part init functions
     SysEx: add: Montage: change part variation star rating from boolean to 5 level rating
     SysEx: add: Montage: FMSoundMixer: hold-click "Rand Sounds" button to limit selection to current patch sounds
     SysEx: add: Montage: FMSoundMixer: add mix filter options (checkboxes)
     SysEx: add: Montage: FMSoundMixer: [x] morph active ops only
     SysEx: add: Montage: FMSoundMixer: add [x] current checkbox (set left-top sound to current part variation)
     SysEx: add: Montage: PartForm: add Vol/Exp checkbox (next to [x] Kbd)
     SysEx: add: Montage: FMMatrix: indicate last selected op (green highlight)
     SysEx: add: Montage: FMMatrix: move operator up/down utility functions
     SysEx: add: Montage: FMMatrix: add operator presets (1..8 ops)
     SysEx: add: Montage: multi-edit element/op 1..8 ParamForm widgets (hold LALT)
     SysEx: add: Montage: EGMixer: rand: filter presets by EG type (peg/feg/aeg)
     SysEx: add: Montage: FMMatrix: offline operator AEG scaling (lengthen/shorten AEG times)
     SysEx: add: Montage: realtime operator AEG scaling (lengthen/shorten AEG times) (RPN 1000)
     SysEx: add: Montage: realtime FM sound morphing (RPNs 1001/1002 (x/y))
     SysEx: add: Montage: support simultaneous realtime AEG scaling and sound morphing 
     SysEx: add: Montage: PartForm: sync part mseqs utility function
     SysEx: add: Montage: display main variation name as "-: " instead of "1: " when there's only one variation
     SysEx: add: Montage: (considerably) improve editor UI responsiveness

  FreeForm: add: background-recording option ("BG")
 OutputMon: fix: update layout when page is first shown
     Proxy: add: Montage: handle proxy notes (play layered parts)
     SysEx: add: Montage: add element/op checkboxes to PartForm
     SysEx: add: Montage: show op.pitch ctl widgets when ctl dest is "OP Freq"
     SysEx: add: Montage: show op.level (rate) ctl widgets when ctl dest is "OP AEG Offset"
     SysEx: add: Montage: add "Sync Ctl" utility button (synchronize modmatrix from Main variation)
     SysEx: add: Montage: add copy/paste part variation ctl tool menu functions
     SysEx: add: Montage: PartCtlForm: add variation combobox
     SysEx: add: Montage: PartCtlForm: add copy/paste buttons
     SysEx: add: Montage: update part variation assignable knob value params when HW knob or slider is moved
                           (when "Rec Ctls" is checked)
     SysEx: add: Montage: variation scenes
     SysEx: add: Montage: switch current editor part by holding E-2 and pressing C-4..D#5
     SysEx: add: Montage: "part key solo" option (allow solo when pressing part key twice)
     SysEx: add: Montage: switch editor part variation by holding F-2 and pressing C-4..D#5
     SysEx: add: Montage: switch variation scene by holding F#2 and pressing C-4..G-6
     SysEx: add: Montage: add option to remap sliders to assignable knob values
     SysEx: add: Montage: change slider mode via synth keyboard:
                           - E-2 + C-3..G-3  (AK 1..8 parts 1..8)
                           - F-2 + C-3..G-3  (AK 1..8 parts 9..16)
                           - E-2 + B-3: revert to volume controls
                           - F-2 + B-3: revert to assignable knobs
     SysEx: add: Montage: record part variation + variation scene selections + volume + assignable knob events back into sequencer
     SysEx: add: Montage: filter out non-essential data groups when changing variations via sequencer

  Arranger: add: audio clips / tracks (requires Eureka sampler app)
  Arranger: add: change track height with lctrl-lshift-wheelup/down when no clips are selected
  Arranger: add: inc/dec track height with lctrl-+ and lctrl--
  Arranger: add: scroll vertically via RMB drag
  Arranger: add: center first selected track or grid cursor track (cursor key navigation + grid cursor mode enable)
   Modular: add: attenuvertor module
     SysEx: add: Yamaha FS1R: FM Matrix editor
     SysEx: add: Yamaha FS1R: toggle solo current part with lctrl-tab
     SysEx: add: Yamaha FS1R: randomize single param by holding down lctrl while changing value
     SysEx: add: Yamaha FS1R: add "Consecutive" button to multi-part selection panel
     SysEx: add: Yamaha Montage synth editor (see docs/montage.html)
        UI: add: STConfig.window_x/y (e.g. move window to second screen)


 All Nodes: fix: keep current automation port when class based auto-port assignment is active and port remains unchanged
 All Nodes: add: add autodev context menu for copying (supported) RPN to clipboard
  Arranger: add: render RPN smp_peak (87) clip envelope (tracker audio patterns)
  Arranger: add: set quick-jump nodes A+B by selecting two clips before editing pattern (via RETURN/RMB)
    Config: add: GlobalInitPost(), rename GlobalInit() to GlobalInitPre()
    Eureka: fix: disable underrun protection while loading VST2 patches (e.g. via patch browser)
    Eureka: add: STConfig.vst_transport_blacklist (workaround for first-note-cut-after-replay-start issue with OB-E plugin)
 FaderPort: fix: add workaround for missing display/button updates
 FaderPort: fix: project file fails to load when MIDI is disabled (STConfig.b_enable_midi)
 FaderPort: add: allocate/insert entry for next unused fader via lctrl-g or lctrl-INSERT (Scene page)
  FreeForm: fix: properly handle song-seek and loops in non-master mode
  FreeForm: fix: immediately update loop locators after pattern change (while replay is stopped)
  FreeForm: change: clear-undo-history is now lctrl-x h instead of lctrl-x u (focus node name widget)
  FreeForm: add: export selection to output capture buffer (lctrl-x \\)
  FreeForm: add: show arranger selection menu via 'a' when there is a selection
  FreeForm: add: standard MIDI file import (drag'n'drop or lctrl-lshift-f9)
  FreeForm: add: focus prev/next track name widget with cursor up/down
      MIDI: fix: update metronome click checkbox (PagePrefs) when metronome is toggled via MIDIMapContext
      MIDI: fix: cannot disable non-present device
      MIDI: change: emit sysex directly after sysrt
      MIDI: change: emit channel and poly pressure events after note-on(s)
      MIDI: add: emit TYPE_SYSRT_*
      MIDI: add: filterNoteOffChannelPressure synth profile attribute (Novation Peak workaround, default=0)
      MIDI: add: runningStatus synth profile attribute (optimization, default=0)
 ModMatrix: add: "4way note probability" preset
MorphScene: fix: apply remap/replace polypressure ops to pressure value instead of note
MorphScene: fix: set NRPN/RPN/pitchbend default to 16383
MorphScene: fix: remap source (filter) range (was 0..max instead of mev.arg1..mev.arg2)
MorphScene: add: add cursor entry to clipboard via RETURN or LMB double-click
MorphScene: add: save last selected row idx (per scene)
MorphScene: add: auto_morph_label field: revert to original label when remote target is not available anymore (after next query)
MorphScene: add: don't empty clipboard when deleting entries
MorphScene: add: auto-assign ctltag alias / midi profile ctl alias to label (FaderPort)
MorphScene: add: import ctls from MIDI synth profile (FaderPort)
MorphScene: add: add context menu item for replacing target with (supported) node RPN
   Modular: fix: NoteOutput manual gate time
   Modular: add: add modules to kbd focus cycle list
   Modular: add: bidirectional, context-sensitive autodev RPN Ctl support (FaderPort)
   Modular: add: cycle module kbdfocus with mousewheel
     Other: add: delay calculator dialog ("stop" menu or lshift-f3)
     Other: add: ppq + bpm presets (hold LMB) (project page ppq/bpm widgets, delay calculator dialog)
      Pipe: add: "drums 4way note prob" and "drum 4way note prob polytrk" pipe presets
      Pipe: add: option to name first node after pipe (STConfig.b_first_node_name_follows_pipe)
     Proxy: fix: crash when changing output device before SysEx editor was shown
     Proxy: fix: set initial proxy_bank/program during (SysEx editor) init (last edited patch number)
    Script: fix: class unloading in case of script error
    Script: fix: Linnstrument Arranger: mutex pattern pages not restored until script node editor is shown
    Script: add: "polytrk" script (polymetric tracker pattern tracks, play directions, swing, probability, randomization, ..)
    Script: fix: I/O ports tab cycle list
    Script: add: "note strum" preset
     SysEx: fix: move difflock widgets to scrollpane
     SysEx: fix: support CC+NRPN proxy events in generic synth editor (volatile patch changes)
     SysEx: fix: Korg Radias: fix tubepreampsim ifx/mfx gain params
     SysEx: add: support new Novation Peak Firmware 2.0 features (patch editor / synth profile)
     SysEx: add: Korg Radias: support vocoder parameters
     SysEx: add: Korg Radias: add pseudo RPNs for non-destructive patch modulation via Proxy node
     SysEx: add: Moog Sub 37 editor
   Tracker: fix: showing instrument view with params moves cursor to last selected param column when returning to patternview
   Tracker: fix: first created sample pattern starts with 02A after creating (empty) Audio Node
   Tracker: fix: when pattern changes, select audio sample even if audionode is muted
   Tracker: fix: delete MIDI cache entry before sending RPN_SMP_OFFMS_LO/HI (audio patterns)
   Tracker: fix: new cel not repainted after importing param from synth profile
   Tracker: fix: faint timingview box colors in dark and mono themes
   Tracker: fix: mode buttons: don't grab keyboard focus
   Tracker: fix: last_pattern_start_offset in edit-pattern-follow-mode (manual replay pattern changes)
   Tracker: fix: replay hickup when first editing node after instancing
   Tracker: fix: SMF import: imported note duration is 0 or 1
   Tracker: fix: SMF import: temporarily disable recording latency compensation
   Tracker: fix: SMF import: align pattern length to bar
   Tracker: change: change focus-velocity shortcut from lshift-s to lshift-w
   Tracker: change: move zoom menu items to submenu
   Tracker: add:  bidirectional support (FaderPort) (edit first 16 events of currently selected cel/ctl)
   Tracker: add: start/stop song replay when space is pressed and node is in extclk mode
   Tracker: add: auto-disable autoscroll when node is in extclk mode
   Tracker: add: draw polystep highlight separately for each track
   Tracker: add: lazy invalidate audio_node_gid / midi_node_gid when referenced node does not exist anymore (audio patterns)
   Tracker: add: lazy invalidate midi_pat_nr / audio_pat_nr when referenced node or pattern does not exist anymore (audio patterns)
   Tracker: add: add "Edit" checkbox for "Create Audio Node" action (default=unchecked)
   Tracker: add: add "MIDI-Mute" checkbox (AudioDialog)
   Tracker: add: auto-mute MIDI node when audio node is unmuted (and vice versa) (AudioDialog)
   Tracker: add: support CTL_DELAY in extclk/polystep mode
   Tracker: add: display ghost node events (set quick-jump node A with lctrl-x 1, node B with lctrl-x 2)
   Tracker: add: show params context menu with 'a' (when table has kbd focus)
   Tracker: add: optionally start recording in 2nd iteration (AudioDialog)
   Tracker: add: auto-mute/unmute audio node when recording starts/stops (mixed mode Mutex and MIDI-Mute checkbox states) (AudioDialog)
   Tracker: add: note randomizer (pattern generator) dialog (lctrl-x 0) (settings saved per pattern track)
   Tracker: add: toggle slide keyboard shortcut (lshift-s, when there's no selection)
   Tracker: add: advanced quantization dialog
   Tracker: add: sort note cels in selected block (lshift-s)
   Tracker: add: add menu item and kbd shortcut for standard MIDI file import (lctrl-lshift-f9)
   TrigSeq: fix: refocus pattern area after combobox selection (notelen, arg3)
   TrigSeq: add: support per-track velocity and duration scaling RPNs
   TrigSeq: change: rename e.g. dotted "1/8t" to "1/8d" and add actual triplet note durations
        UI: fix: dark and mono mode colors
        UI: add: 9 new color grading presets
        UI: add: DeviceIOForm: focus prev/next info and var textfields with cursor up/down (Script and FreeForm nodes)

 FaderPort: add: PreSonus FaderPort 8/16 support (see faderport.html)
      MIDI: add: mmt_force_encoder_delta_mod config option (override target encoder modulo)
   Modular: fix: AutoRPNSlider: update value in replay thread, update slider in UI thread
   Modular: fix: transform  /  events
   Modular: add: 'Mix4' module
   Modular: add: 'Gate Hysteresis' module
   Modular: add: 'Math' module OP_TH (track and hold)
MorphScene: fix: allow clipboard entries to be pasted into empty scene
MorphScene: change: paste entries _after_ currently selected entry
MorphScene: add: Label column (press F2 or right click on the label column)
MorphScene: add: update selected entry labels from (VST) params (query Eureka ModMatrix)
MorphScene: add: paste destination ctl+port from Ctl.Clipboard A/B
    Replay: add: virtual  device (input from Eureka ModAudio2RPN)
   Tracker: fix: event recording when previous pipe contains delay node (don't forward frameRec to framePlay in Delay node)
   Tracker: change: also record usrctl 1..16 via CTL_1..CTL_16 RPNs from framePlay (e.g. when transformed via  / )
   Tracker: add: "Audio To MIDI" import (from current Eureka sampleview cue points / zones)
   Tracker: add: spread_unique_notes_to_tracks page command
        UI: fix: combobox popup width (long option strings)

 All Nodes: change: (deviceioform) auto-enable port when previous devidx was 0
 All Nodes: add: detected augmented chords, e.g. c e g# (C+, C aug, C #5)
AnalogRytm: add: edit sound env reset switch, velocity-to-mod / aftertoch-to-mod targets+amounts
  Arranger: change: new clip+pattern (lctrl-n / lctrl-lshift-n): when clips are selected, move cursor past last selected clip
  Arranger: add: clone clip pattern via lctrl-r / lctrl-lshift-r
  CtlMorph: fix: MIDI-learn adds duplicate entry
  CtlMorph: fix: support pattern-shifting in pattern manager
  CtlMorph: fix: play/edit pattern nr restore (after loading project)
  CtlMorph: fix: pattern change via HOME/END or WHEEL does not trigger ctl send
  CtlMorph: change: replace checkboxes with minimalistic checkbox icons
  CtlMorph: add: implement "num events" query (pattern manager)
  CtlMorph: add: import params from synth profile
  CtlMorph: add: show human-readable value names (when available in synth profile)
  CtlMorph: add: Nord Drum 3P preset
  CtlMorph: add: utility function that sends all controllers in all groups (lctrl-w)
  CtlMorph: add: hold LALT when editing tickshift/mod to update all groups
  CtlMorph: add: show pattern name textfield inside of tabswitch
  CtlMorph: add: (Pattern Clipboard - This) to Min (Asym) (All Groups)
  CtlMorph: add: (Pattern Clipboard - This) to Max (Asym) (All Groups)
  CtlMorph: add: merge_replace_ignorech cmd
                  - paste group and ignore source MIDI ch (match CC/RPN only)
                  - e.g. when copying Nord Drum 3P drum sounds
  CtlMorph: add: GroupCopyDialog
                  - e.g. for assembling Nord Drum 3P kits from preset sounds (pattern groups)
                 - find unique group names, e.g. bd, sd, hh, cy, ..
  CtlMorph: add: set/clear asym flags with lctrl-m/lctrl-lshift-m
     Delay: add: swing
  Freeform: fix: tracker micro edit fails when initial sequence was empty
  FreeForm: fix: wrong loop points after pasting pattern during replay
  FreeForm: fix: honor freerun replay mode in master mode
  FreeForm: fix: forced note movement via LALT-LMB-drag
  FreeForm: change: stop recording when node editor is not visible
  FreeForm: change: quantized move now snaps to 1/32 notes instead of Beat/Bar/Loop
  FreeForm: add: hold LALT to update quantization amount of all tracks
  FreeForm: add: fast-clear recording mode
                  - e.g. for multi-track recording Nord Drum 3P
                  - 'v'
                  - delete track loop area with single keypress
                     - 'q'..'p', [, ],  (, + on german kbd)
                     - 'a'..'l', ;, '  (, # on german kbd)
                     - SPACE/DEL/TAB: clear current cursor track
                       - clear pattern when track is already empty
                  - change clip color to RED while fast clear mode is active
  FreeForm: add: show pattern name textfield inside of tabswitch
  FreeForm: add: 'raster' / replace "lap" recording mode
                  - when first recordable event is received, clear all loop bars (on current track)
                  - remember (loop modulo) tick/replay offset
                  - allow next clear not until replay offset is reached again
    KeyMap: add: "Remove input events" option
    KeyMap: add: show pattern name textfield inside of tabswitch
      MIDI: fix: soft-crash after adding new device and creating (tracker) instrument+param
      MIDI: change: emit bank select MSB+LSB before program change
      MIDI: add: Nord Drum 3P synth profile
      MIDI: add: synth profile (.msp) editOptions attribute auto-expand syntax
             + "@*", e.g. "@12*n1"
             + "@..", e.g. "@0..63;--;--;@66..127"
             + "@:", e.g. "@$74:A6_pulse"
                + auto-repeat last until 
      MIDI: add: make send-song-position-pointer configurable per device
      MIDI: add: detect hanging MIDI device driver (10sec timeout)
      MIDI: add: update MIDI output state when MIDI input event is received
                  - may be overwritten when transformed and output again
      MIDI: add: PageMIDIMap: redirect default key press to status bar
      MIDI: add: add option strings for Elektron Model:Cycles machine type
 ModMatrix: fix: issue when writing "none" to dstCh=*
 ModMatrix: fix: fix MPE/multich VELOCITY randomization
 ModMatrix: add: "MPE note probability" preset
 ModMatrix: add: TYPE_GROOVE (ticks)
 ModMatrix: add: OP_SLEW: separate up/down amounts
   Modular: add: bipolar checkboxes to "const" module
   Modular: add: Bezier01 module
   Modular: add: TrigSeq16 oneshot mode
   Modular: add: CVSeq16 oneshot mode
   Modular: add: customizable quantizer module
   Modular: add: VoltageMemory module (demo: https://youtu.be/JMYQNdUQzP8)
  PageNode: fix memory corruption / empty node type table issue
   PipeMap: fix: UI not updated (anymore) when pattern is changed programmatically
   PipeMap: add: change patterns via lshift-WHEEL
   PipeMap: add: NewTrackDialog: auto-focus combofield when unicode char is typed
   PipeMap: add: NewTrackDialog: exec create via lctrl-w
   PipeMap: add: NewTrackDialog: auto-disable "show all node types" when invoked via Pipe
    Replay: add: "output" pipe
                  - route all MIDI output through this pipe
    Replay: add: global and per-pipe grooves (+ timing correction during recording)
    Script: add: Linnstrument Arranger: recolorize all pads after node port assignment has changed
    Script: add: Linnstrument Arranger: remove presets and support per-track configuration
    Script: add: Linnstrument Arranger: mutual exclusive track groups
    Script: add: Linnstrument Arranger: add pattern page offset per track
                  - for extending number of visible patterns (set two tracks to same output)
    Script: add: note serializer preset
                  - e.g. to workaround Peak lost-USB-chord-notes issue
 StatusBar: add: add freerun checkbox to "stop" menu
 StatusBar: add: (Eureka) audio looper remote control dialog
     SysEx: add: pagesysex_auto_devicename forced redirect channel 
                  - forward incoming events to current sysex editor output device (default input dev="remote audio")
     SysEx: add: Korg Radias: edit timbre effect 1/2 + master effect
     SysEx: add: Korg Radias: implement patch diff (patch morphing + virtual patch changes)
     SysEx: add: Korg Radias: timbre clipboard utility functions (tools menu)
     SysEx: add: Korg Radias: support diff and proxy group locks (+save/restore them)
     SysEx: add: Korg Radias: update osc1/osc2 ctrl labels when osc wave or osc mode changes
     SysEx: add: Generic Editor: make UI update interval configurable
     SysEx: add: Generic Editor: show patch name in status bar when patch is selected
   Tracker: fix: crash in piano.clearNotes() (via PatternView::handleStartPlaying()) when tracker editor wasn't visible before
   Tracker: fix: (Eureka) immediately restart sample after unmute
   Tracker: change: remove CTL_COLOR and replace by CTL_GROOVE
   Tracker: add: trim pattern start to cursor pos (lshift-t)
   Tracker: add: (Eureka) support single-instrument mode / read smp_uid from pattern ctl
                  - add alternative CTL_PC mode (instrument "audio" checkbox mixed mode)
                  - find last PC before offset when pattern has changed
                  - send RPN_SMP_UID instead of prgchg
   Tracker: add: (Eureka) audio dialog (lctrl-x a)
                   - sync/create audio sample / trigger live recording
                   - naming scheme: "a_  " (+suffix)
   TrigSeq: add: show pattern name textfield inside of tabswitch
   TrigSeq: add: show arg3 note names when in note output mode 
        UI: fix: mousewheel not working in user table FloatParam with duplicate entries
        UI: fix: crash when trying to set non-existing XMLForm member (e.g. fp_masterlevel)
        UI: add: filedialog: directory combobox popup (lctrl-d)

 All Nodes: add: Pattern Manager: insert/delete pattern functions (lshift-INSERT/DELETE)
 All Nodes: add: Pattern Manager: [x] hide empty (lctrl-a)
 All Nodes: add: Pattern Manager: show total number of pattern events
 All Nodes: add: Pattern Manager: navigate via PAGEUP/DOWN, HOME, END
 All Nodes: add: Node automation port advanced configuration dialog (send/recv prgchg)
 All Nodes: add: context sensitive automation devices ("autodev_a", "autodev_b")
                  (forwards incoming MIDI events to actual Node automation port(s))
 All Nodes: add: auto-assign autodev from class
             (click "Auto Device [AB]" to auto-assign port)
             (auto-update port assignment when node class is changed)
             (highlight "Auto Device" label-button bg while auto-assign mode is active)
 All Nodes: add: improve chord detection (add 120+ new chords)
  Arranger: fix: don't select empty patterns via END key on PipeMap page
  Arranger: change: mute target node when track is muted
             (checkbox on Play tab can be used to revert to old behaviour)
  Arranger: change: immediately send update when clip is muted/unmuted (e.g. via 't' key)
  CtlMorph: change: multi-morph each group separately (RPN_CTLMORPH_GRP_[1..8]_MULTI_POS)
  CtlMorph: change: change morph_pos type from short to float
  CtlMorph: change: change min/max/center type from short to float
  CtlMorph: change: move last_selected_group from pattern to node
  CtlMorph: change: use combined textfield+combobox for group names
  CtlMorph: add: select groups with '1'..'8'
  CtlMorph: add: cyclic morph: [x] all groups option
  CtlMorph: add: copy output state (all groups) (lctrl-lshift-o)
  CtlMorph: add: reset_enable_all, reset_disable_all statusbar commands
  Freeform: add: 'Freeform' piano-roll style sequencer node
  Freeform: add: explode-to-subsong feature
  Freeform: add: tempo-mapping
  Freeform: add: tracker micro-edit mode
  Freeform: add: output-capture support (lctrl-x c: begin, lctrl-x v paste)
    Keymap: fix: map framerec to framerec (instead of frameplay)
    Keymap: add: add entry tools menu
    Keymap: add: swap_match_and_send_notes statusbar command
    Keymap: add: RMB click in table edits entry name
    Keymap: add: tempest_drumpads preset (map to Analog Rytm or Cycles)
      MIDI: fix: long multi-part MIDI message (>16k) not replayed correctly
      MIDI: change: change MIDIMapEvent arg1/arg2 type from short to float
      MIDI: change: invert input device filter display/ui
      MIDI: add: find midimap target by name (incremental search)
      MIDI: add: 'f'ind device statusbar command
      MIDI: add: show incoming ctl info in status bar config option
      MIDI: add: send-MTC option (per MIDI device) (lshift-F12 toggles send mode)
      MIDI: add: add MMC-record-crash workaround for Studio One 5
                  (requires "studio_one_remote" loopback device + mapping of CC#1 to "transport / record" in S1)
      MIDI: add: call MIDI.SetDefaultVirtualDeviceAliases() when song is initialized (from scratch)
  MIDIPipe: fix: reset shadow channels in clearMIDICache()
  MIDIPipe: add: set suggested name of first created pipe to "master"
 ModMatrix: fix: redraw issue in lower signal tap area (bad clipping)
 ModMatrix: fix: arg layout after op change
 ModMatrix: change: set default kbdfocus to tableview when entries tab is active
 ModMatrix: add: output quantization (sh_type=SH_Q*)
 ModMatrix: add: slew op
 ModMatrix: add: "paste" menu (create new entry from ctl-port clipboard A/B) (lctrl-INSERT)
 ModMatrix: add: "paste" menu: randomize modulation (a+rand(+-32))
 ModMatrix: add: "paste" menu: sum a + b
 ModMatrix: add: "paste" menu: sum a + (7bit signed) b
 ModMatrix: add: "paste" menu: multiply a by (7bit fixpoint) b
 ModMatrix: add: "paste" menu: delta modulate (a by b)  (a + (b - const_ctr_val) * const_amt)
 ModMatrix: add: "paste" menu: slew (read from A, write to A each tick)
 ModMatrix: add: "paste" menu: slew quantized (read from A, write to B)
 ModMatrix: add: copy/paste entries via lshift-c / lshift-v
 ModMatrix: add: new / clone / delete entries via INSERT / lshift-INSERT / DELETE
 ModMatrix: add: show last played index (in bezier curve editor)
   Modular: add: Modular node
   Modular: add: "Add 7-to-1" mixer module
   Modular: add: "ADSR" module
   Modular: add: "AutoRPNSlider" module (slider can be controlled with autodev CTL_1..32 RPN event)
   Modular: add: "Bernoulli" module (Mutable Instruments Branches style Bernoulli gate)
   Modular: add: "Clock" module
   Modular: add: "Const" module
   Modular: add: "Crossfade" module
   Modular: add: "CVSeq16" module (sequencer. up to 8 patterns, modulatable offset+len)
   Modular: add: "Delay" module
   Modular: add: "Flip" gate module (momentary and toggle modes)
   Modular: add: "GateOutput" module
   Modular: add: "Output" module (CV)
   Modular: add: "Input" module (CV)
   Modular: add: "KeyMap" module (convert note events to up to 16 gate outputs)
   Modular: add: "LEDMonitor" module (visualize gate/trig events)
   Modular: add: "LFO" module (can be tempo-synced)
   Modular: add: "Label" module
   Modular: add: "Math" module (46 sub-modes)
   Modular: add: "Multiple" module
   Modular: add: "MultiNoteOut" module (map trigs to up to 12 notes)
   Modular: add: "NoteInput" module
   Modular: add: "NoteOutput" module
   Modular: add: "Pan" module
   Modular: add: "PerfInput" module (modwheel, breathcontrol, footcontrol, expression, aftertouch)
   Modular: add: "PerfOutput" module (modwheel, breathcontrol, footcontrol, expression, aftertouch)
   Modular: add: "Quantizer" module (quantize notes to scale+key, configurable semi-tone "fuzziness")
   Modular: add: "RPNCtl" module (convert RPN CTL_1..12 to CV)
   Modular: add: "RPNOut" module (convert CV to RPN CTL_1..16)
   Modular: add: "RSH" module (random sample-hold with configurable seed+offset+level)
   Modular: add: "Serial" module (outputs non-repeating random number sequences)
   Modular: add: "Shift" module (12 step shift register) (CV)
   Modular: add: "ShiftTrig" module (12 step shift register) (trigs)
   Modular: add: "ShuttleControl" module (MIDI to CV via Endorphin.es Shuttle Control Eurorack module)
                  (looks for device alias "shuttlecontrol")
                  (expected module configuration: 1..8: -5V..+5V pitchbend, 9..16: 0..+5V CC#1, port# = MIDI channel)
   Modular: add: "Slew" module (with separate rise / fall settings)
   Modular: add: "Spring" module (verlet integrator)
   Modular: add: "Switch" module (switch between 6 inputs)
   Modular: add: "Transpose" module (octave / semi / cents)
   Modular: add: "TrigSeq16" module (sequencer. up to 8 patterns, modulatable offset+len)
   Modular: add: "TrigToGate" module (convert trig to gate with modulatable duration)
   Modular: add: "VCA" module (inception-style amplifier/attenuator: offset + scale each have their own mini VCA)
   Modular: add: output-capture support (lctrl-x c: begin, lctrl-x v paste)
   Modular: add: option to output events to frameRec instead of framePlay (for ctl UIs)
   Modular: add: show/hide connection lines (except for mouseover connection) ('h' or BACKSPACE)
   Monitor: fix: patchview: center current pattern row after toggling replay/rec mode
   Monitor: fix: play-frame0-issue with autodev trigger notes
   Monitor: fix: always set replay_start_frame_idx when selecting frames (fix replay start pos)
   Monitor: change: chord toggle shortcut to lctrl-x o
   Monitor: add: add alternative tick-based timing mode (for output-capture mode)
   Monitor: add: send custom sysex requests (in patch list mode)
                  ('q': send request)
                  (lctrl-q: clear pattern, enable rec mode, send request, wait for timeout, revert to replay mode)
   Monitor: add: output-capture support (lctrl-x c: begin, lctrl-x v paste)
   Monitor: add: insert recorder marker when replay starts (in automarker mode)
   Monitor: add: select prev/next marker with lctrl-LEFT/RIGHT
   Monitor: add: set last started pattern song offset and support seek in replay sync mode
   Monitor: add: show indicator/warning when node is in replay sync mode (yellow "mode" combobox bg)
   Monitor: add: option to auto-disable sync mode when node is armed
MorphScene: fix: use default morph src type range in DST_OP_REMAP when src filter is off
MorphScene: fix: re-center current map entry after showing/hiding source/transform panels
MorphScene: change: add new entries after currently selected table row
MorphScene: add: show note/val range in SrcType column when source filter is enabled
MorphScene: add: load / save scenes separately (context menu)
   PipeMap: fix: node swap (lctrl-x z) occasionally shows wrong node editor
   PipeMap: fix: rebuild pipemap after subsong selection
   PipeMap: fix: update patnr displays when replay is started
   PipeMap: fix: NewTrackDialog: clip dialog to screen after relayout
   PipeMap: fix: show-in-arranger node selection not restored correctly after loading pipe preset
   PipeMap: add: toggle pre-count with lctrl-x RCTRL
   PipeMap: add: NewTrackDialog: preselect [current pipe] when dialog is invoked via 't'
   PipeMap: add: NewTrackDialog: add fallback device config (STConfig.newtrackdialog_default_autodev)
   PipeMap: add: lctrl-LEFT: select pipe icon, lctrl-RIGHT: select last node
   PipeMap: add: context-menu item for Tracker audio sample import ('q')
   PipeMap: add: show warning message when only one pipe (master pipe) exists
   PipeMap: add: add (root) context menu
     Prefs: add: make global+tracker precounts editable in prefs UI
     Proxy: add: implement handleProxyEvents() (roland alpha juno2)
    Replay: add: Tiny Synergy Replay (TSR) export (Amiga 500)
    Replay: add: click on statusbar time to reload last loaded marker
    Script: fix: globally unique temp script class names (+add namespace pool)
    Script: fix: Linnstrument Arranger: also clear AT, PB, BRITE (CC#74) when track is cleared
    Script: change: Linnstrument Arranger: reset velocity modulation when performance pad is released
    Script: add: Linnstrument Arranger: hold clear + press (any) pattern pad to clear scene pattern selection (track 1..8)
    Script: add: Linnstrument Arranger: update to 16 tracks and add pattern split mode
    Script: add: Linnstrument Arranger: add auto-save-scene mode (toggle with scene+clear)
                  (change scenepad color (from magenta) to red while mode is active)
    Script: add: Linnstrument Arranger: hold scene-pad, then press another one to copy a scene
  SubSongs: change: clean up subsongs page
  SubSongs: save/restore selected pipe+node when switching subsongs
  SubSongs: skip RebuildAllCtlNames() when neither prev or next sub-song has ctltags
     SysEx: add: forward autodev events to current editor output dev (STConfig.pagesysex_auto_devicename)
     SysEx: add: Generic editor: autosend patch after reload
     SysEx: add: Generic editor: support uiWidget ctlalias attribute (e.g. for combobox-like FloatParam user tables)
     SysEx: add: Generic editor: add Prophet 08 profile (rev1)
   Tracker: fix: crash when finding active notes on row that has note offs
   Tracker: fix: fix hi_nibble / lo_nibble jump-to-column
   Tracker: fix: restore unused pattern state during undo
   Tracker: fix: undo+restartrec: undo immediately and queue notes until restart
   Tracker: fix: instrument selection via "ins" textfield
   Tracker: fix: show warning and don't allow last visible cel to be turned off
   Tracker: fix: group note/vel/dur utility function creates duplicate cels (vel5/dur5)
   Tracker: fix: copy alt_style from style when there's no other default (when toggling alt styles)
   Tracker: fix: param preselection from cursor cel sometimes does not work correctly
   Tracker: fix: temporarily turn off quantization when importing monitor pattern
   Tracker: fix: issues after importing CTL_1/CTL_2 (14bit RPN) and switching to BAR_4 cel type
   Tracker: fix: pattern restart when speed is < 1.0
   Tracker: change: minimize note-slots when importing Monitor clipboard events with duration > 0
   Tracker: change: remove lctrl-x c, lctrl-x v shortcuts (copy/paste pattern)
   Tracker: change: reassign toggle-CTL_DURn-recording shortcut to lctrl-x /
   Tracker: add: BPM_MUL ctl
   Tracker: add: [x] shift CTL_PC by 1 option
   Tracker: add: env_shreset (toggle) statusbar command
   Tracker: add: output capture mode (lctrl-x c: begin, lctrl-x v paste)
   Tracker: add: loop selected block (select + press SPACE to play/queue)
   Tracker: add: split pattern to clipboard 
                  (copy 2nd half of pattern to clipboard)
                  (copy initial controller values to first step of pasted pattern)
                  (lctrl-k, lctrl-lshift-k pastes as new pattern)
   Tracker: add: goto step (lshift-g)
   Tracker: add: support pre-count, like in global recording mode
   Tracker: add: add swing_speed preset
   Tracker: add: export pattern to output capture buffer (lctrl-x \)
   Tracker: add: make precount configurable and change kbd short to lctrl-x RCTRL
   Tracker: add: add alternative (Eureka) audio pattern sample import dialog
                  (find samples by name pattern + auto-create instruments/patterns)
   Tracker: add: pb arps, pb arps via arpeggiator node presets
   TrigSeq: add: Monitor pattern clipboard import
   TrigSeq: fix: skip parseRecordNote() when node or pipe is muted
   TrigSeq: fix: when recording mod 1/2, filter by mod port instead of node-global record port
   TrigSeq: fix: step move when neighbour step is repeat or mod trig
   TrigSeq: fix: Linnstrument plugin: update pattern pads when pasting to empty pattern or cloning
   TrigSeq: fix: track mod min/max is always applied to incoming (and echoed) midi events
                  (add "Mod" unmap checkbox on Play tab)
   TrigSeq: fix: pipemap patnr display not updated when changing pattern via previous node
   TrigSeq: add: remap tracks to selected note-name profile utility function (lctrl-x m)
   TrigSeq: add: mouse-drag mini undo (mod1/mod2)
   TrigSeq: add: guess note-name profile from track outputs utility function (lctrl-x g)
   TrigSeq: add: monitor import: when all tracks use the same output port, set track output to default and update seq output
   TrigSeq: add: configurable step highlight + bar modulos (Pattern tab)
   TrigSeq: add: output capture support (lctrl-x c: begin, lctrl-x v paste)
   TrigSeq: add: Linnstrument plugin: modulate DURATION_SCL (and VELOCITY_SCL) via TRIG pads in performance mode
   TrigSeq: add: RPN_TRIGSEQ_TRACKn_DURATION_SCALING autodev events
   TrigSeq: add: context menu option: init mod track (lshift-lalt-BACKSPACE)
   TrigSeq: add: OUT_MULTITRACK_POLYSTEP4 output mode
        UI: fix: filedialog: update path label after changing directory via combobox selection
        UI: fix: lctrl release event not sent after lctrl-x
        UI: fix: case-insensitive FloatParam user table match
        UI: change: revert to nominal min/max values when FloatParam is reset (LMB double-click)
        UI: change: show "stop" menu with single-click when song is already stopped
        UI: add: lock mousewheel to scrollpane for 1(?) second after scrolling (prevent accidental widget editing)
        UI: add: focus first menu item when popupmenu is opened via keyboard (usually 'a')
        UI: add: FileNameDialog: create directories via "mkdir" or "md"
        UI: add: statusbar commands: add context menu with default actions / default parameters
        UI: add: copy cel port+ctl info to clipboard A or B
                  (in autodevform, deviceioform, modmatrixarg, monitor, morphscene entry, tracker instrument, ctlmorph)
        UI: add: (Eureka) audio remote control (sampler) dialog
        UI: add: add "open in explorer" button in filedialog (hold-click browse button)
        UI: add: save rootpath and device config in separate config files
                  (UI-editable config is saved to "synergy_config_local.tks")

  Arranger: change: show 10% more than selection size (dont place timeline cursor at screenborder)
      MIDI: add: yamaha_fs1r MIDI synth profile
  PagePipe: add: focus name widget with lctrl-x u or lshift-n
   PipeMap: fix: save/restore correct suggested pipe preset filename
    Replay: fix: Node.handleReplayTick() was only called by Tracker node (fixes Linnstrument pad colors, among other things)
    Script: Linnstrument Arranger: fix "send configuration" (timing / event flush)
    Script: Linnstrument Arranger: change split point from 12 to 7 (more space for pattern pads)
    Script: Linnstrument Arranger: change default configuration to , ..
    Script: add: 'ptfx' preset (protracker-like effects) (16x slide/env+lag+LFO) (also added "ptfx" pipe preset) 
     SysEx: add: Yamaha FS1R editor
   Tracker: fix: piano widget layout
   Tracker: fix: remote(VST) param name reverted to "remote param " after reloading project
   Tracker: fix: disable param widgets after instrument with no params was selected while instrument editor was hidden
   Tracker: fix: update instruments table when dev or ch changed
   Tracker: fix: common CC import (inherited synth profile controllers)
   Tracker: fix: cel styles+ranges for imported params
   Tracker: fix: a thousand-fold speed optimization of block-copy operations (also affects rotate, reverse, tap-mode, etc)
   Tracker: change: CTL_MUTE (step-mute) now auto-resets after 4*dur_scl*value ticks (i.e. 4=1/16 by default)
   Tracker: change/fix: insert/delete events on all tracks in 'pattern' block mode (DEL/INS keys w/ lshift and/or lctrl modifier)
   Tracker: add: params context menu: add generic 1..4 CCs import option
   Tracker: add: global and per-track chance / probability modifiers (internal RPNs 700..716)
   Tracker: add: 'random' block interpolation mode (first/last selected step values = min/max)
   TrigSeq: add: toggle MIDI recording mode with lctrl-x RCTRL (no note-to-track unmapping when disabled)
   TrigSeq: add: global and per-track chance / probability modifiers (internal RPNs 700..716)
   TrigSeq: add: mod1+mod2 can now be shifted 'n' ticks ahead (to counter CC smoothing on certain synths, e.g. Rytm and Cycles)
        UI: add: filedialog: disable cursor key tab cycling (left/right)
        UI: add: filedialog: cycle auto-completions with TAB key w/o showing auto-completion dialog

 All Nodes: fix: when node editor is entered via prev/next node, ESC leads to PagePipe
 All Nodes: fix: lshift-numpad-1..9 keys don't work in pattern manager (used pattern selection)
 All Nodes: add: show pattern names in pattern combobox (long options)
 All Nodes: add: remember last saved/loaded node preset name per node
 All Nodes: add: properly detect octave-spread chords, e.g. c-4, e-5, g-6
 All Nodes: add: speaker icon is now clickable (mute/unmute node or pipe)
AnalogRytm: add: support firmware v1.50 (kit+pattern v4)
AnalogRytm: add: "r" / "w" minishell cmds (peek, poke kit or pattern byte, tab dependent)
AnalogRytm: add: kit / sound editor (with preset support)
AnalogRytm: add: note redirect modes (IO tab) (Chroma, Trig)
AnalogRytm: add: redirect pressure option
AnalogRytm: fix: midiInStop() related pipe process issue in sample/kit uploader ("audiotool")
  Arranger: fix: select clip after creating it
  Arranger: fix: lmb-click in draw mode on existing pattern should select it
  Arranger: fix: loop starts one tick too late
  Arranger: fix: pattern editor start offset is wrong when pattern edit was started at offset
  Arranger: fix: fix rare crash/freeze issue when moving between clips (CalcTicks() threading issue)
  Arranger: chg: remove Push mode (obsolete now)
  Arranger: chg: in grid cursor mode, update song offset when moving left/right and replay is not running
  Arranger: add: "New Track Dialog" (auto-create pipe+node, load preset, auto-assign automation port)
  Arranger: add: make RMB-click edit-pattern work in all edit modes
  Arranger: add: hold lctrl while creating clip(s) to assign unused pattern number, lshift to alloc "sub" pattern
  Arranger: add: lazy-allocate pattern(s) when creating clip(s) (e.g. lctrl-n)
  Arranger: add: set left locator with lctrl-x l / right with lctrl-x r
  Arranger: add: select prev/next used pattern nr with lctrl-lshift HOME/END
  Arranger: add: when multiple clips are selected and left/right is pressed, find leftmost / rightmost clip
  Arranger: add: auto-reorder tracks according to pipemap occurence
  Arranger: add: set edit offset to start when LEFT/RIGHT is pressed and there are no clips
  Arranger: add: when entering (master) arranger editor, set edit offset to play offset
  Arranger: add: when muting arranger via RPN_COMMON_MUTE_TEMP, forward mute state to currently playing nodes
      Auto: chg: remove "Auto" node type
    Buffer: fix: don't delete incoming frame events when buffer input device is not enabled
    CtlTag: fix: ESC does not work when page is entered via navigation bar button
      MIDI: chg: update AnalogRytm profile and add track NRPNs
      MIDI: add: sort all device comboboxes by name
      MIDI: add: Linnstrument: encode devidx in node notifications so multiple devices can be used simultaneously
      MIDI: add: sort MIDI synth profiles by name
 ModMatrix: fix: errors while re-parsing generated script (e.g. "cc#001 (modulation msb)")
 ModMatrix: fix: copy poly+event flags when copying patterns
 ModMatrix: fix: after editing macro name (and pressing enter), ESC selects Pipe page instead of PipeMap
 ModMatrix: chg: keep pattern name after clear
 ModMatrix: add: curve mapping (four cubic bezier curve look up tables per pattern)
 ModMatrix: add: song pos ticks src type ("ticks")
 ModMatrix: add: moddiv op,  dst= (arg1 % arg2) / arg2
 ModMatrix: add: curve bpm preset
 ModMatrix: add: BPM src/dst arg type
 ModMatrix: add: configurable tick modulo that reduces CPU usage in non-event driven (per-tick) mode
   Monitor: fix: when entered via prev/next node, events don't update
   Monitor: fix: CC tooltip does not show inherited parameter name (remote msp)
   Monitor: chg: when filtering redundant ctl changes, don't filter RPN (don't filter RPN_COMMON_NODE_RESTART)
   Monitor: add: pattern list table where double-click plays pattern (once)
   Monitor: add: [x] auto-restart when pattern is selected (e.g. for triggering chords)
   Monitor: add: (re-)start recording with RSHIFT (clear+select play/rec frame)
   Monitor: add: set input filter from first frame event ('f')
   Monitor: add: clone pattern to next (sub) ('n', lshift-n)
   Monitor: add: automatic chord detection (checkbox) (updates pattern name)
   Monitor: add: optionally auto-clear pattern when first note is received after last note timeout
   Monitor: add: show pat notes on virtual kbd
   Monitor: add: show armed mode in pipemap (armed when != REPLAY)
   Monitor: add: "Sync with Replay" option (Play tab)
   Monitor: add: "FrameRec+Play" recording mode (record from both rec+play frames)
  PagePipe: add: show automation ports ("Auto" column)
   PipeMap: add: toggle node arm-for-record via RCTRL
   PipeMap: add: "New Track Dialog" (auto-create pipe+node, load preset, auto-assign automation port)
   PipeMap: add: show automation ports when node is selected via kbd or mouseover
   PipeMap: add: show incoming ctl info (STConfig.b_pipemap_show_ctl_info)
   PipeMap: add: (re-)start global recording with RSHIFT (auto-create undo states and (re-)start precount)
    Replay: fix: don't double-merge sysex events
    Replay: chg: store ctl values (incl. velocity) as floats
    Replay: chg: change RPN_COMMON_MUTE_TEMP to boolean (mute/unmute node)
    Replay: chg: remove RPN_COMMON_MUTE and RPN_COMMON_MUTE_TOGGLE
    Replay: add: toggle replay with  (for notebooks w/o numpad)
    Replay: add: "Send initial pattern selection" option (STConfig.b_node_send_pattern_prgchg_when_replay_starts)
    Replay: add: multi-track SMF export (SMF format 1)
    Replay: add: export SysEx events to SMF
    Script: add: Soundtracker / Protracker mod file exporter script
    Script: add: autochorder preset ("jazz hands")
    Script: add: add note_on_pre delegate
    Script: add: periodically update UI widgets from param vars
    Script: add: Linnstrument Arranger: "send configuration" button and "arranger"/"default" preset selection
    Script: add: Linnstrument Arranger: select node in pipemap when pattern is selected
    Script: add: "clone dev ch" preset
   StepSeq: chg: remove StepSeq node type
     SysEx: fix: silently skip project-specific MIDI profile data if it can't be loaded (e.g. patch size changed)
     SysEx: fix: send entire patch when first proxy program change occurs (generic synth editor)
     SysEx: add: init_bank  minishell cmd
   Tracker: fix: prevent double-processing in blockIncDecCurrentCtl() (when multiple cels show the same ctl)
   Tracker: fix: program change flooding (reset CTL_INSTR injection at end of tick)
   Tracker: fix: call instr.handleSelect() only while replay is running
   Tracker: fix: don't play zero-length pattern
   Tracker: fix: only map any performance ctl to dest instr when node editor is visible
   Tracker: fix: update chord detection when zoom changes
   Tracker: fix: Monitor import: importing prgchg-only sequence does not work with multiple automation ports
   Tracker: fix: fix note res info for notes <1/256 (i.e. 1/384, 1/768)
   Tracker: chg: remove Push support
   Tracker: chg: update trigseq pattern import (mod1+mod2, CHROMATIC output modes)
   Tracker: chg: change lctrl-lshift-PAGEUP/DOWN to "move to next/prev parent arranger clip start"
   Tracker: add: Monitor import: when creating params, use midisynthprofile name/range/cel style when available
   Tracker: add: Monitor import: convert RPN_COMMON_UI_PRGCHG to regular program change when recording controllers
   Tracker: add: Monitor import: import pattern name
   Tracker: add: Monitor import: set auto-created instrument name to device name+ch
   Tracker: add: remember last selected param (and select in table)
   Tracker: add: timescale_curtrack [=2] minishell cmd
   Tracker: add: timescale_alltracks [=2] minishell cmd
   Tracker: add: scale_ctl  minishell cmd
   Tracker: add: record to multiple (tracker) nodes
   Tracker: add: import CTL_BPM from .mid (S1 exported tempo map / beat map)
   Tracker: add: (preliminary) audio tracks (autocalc sample starts. for use with "Eureka" sampler)
   Tracker: add: init_audio minishell cmd that initializes sample patterns+instruments
   Tracker: add: instrument auto-name flag + update name when dev changes
   Tracker: add: "Start Recording" / "Continue Recording" pulldown menu entries (Replay menu)
   Tracker: add: make initial pattern length configurable (STConfig.node_tracker_initial_pattern_length_16th)
   Tracker: add: (toggleable) piano widget
   Tracker: add: pulldown menu entries for toggle alt cel view kbd shortcuts (lctrl-x p, lctrl-x [)
   Tracker: add: optionally swap swap lshift-insert/delete behaviour (lctrl-x DELETE)
   Tracker: add: edit-pattern-follows-replay-pattern mode (lctrl-x INSERT)
   Tracker: add: show active edit modes next to note symbol
   Tracker: add: Import AnalogRytm: clear all tracks (including first one) before import
   Tracker: add: Import AnalogRytm: import microtiming
   Tracker: add: Import AnalogRytm: single-channel import mode (create only one instrument)
   Tracker: add: toggle both ignore prgchg + follow replay pattern with lctrl-lshift-space ("follow arranger")
   Tracker: add: handle multi-pattern-sequence recording
   TrigSeq: fix: trackdialog: button color is not updated after changing track color
   TrigSeq: chg: bg-record from "rec_dev" only when record enable checkbox is in mixed state
   TrigSeq: chg: always undo during recording (don't redo, e.g. when discarding last take)
   TrigSeq: chg: change mute note (automation port) to mute_flip note
   TrigSeq: add: customizable key-to-track unmapping
   TrigSeq: add: separate mute and repeat recording options
   TrigSeq: add: show context menu on RMB-hold 
   TrigSeq: add: add unfoldable detail-edit view ("stepdetails")
   TrigSeq: add: add mod1+mod2 step parameters and assignable ctl outputs
   TrigSeq: add: update / add presets (D16, StiX, Analog Rytm multich, ..)
   TrigSeq: add: skip empty (play_len == 0) tracks when moving to prev/next track
   TrigSeq: add: "" forced output / forced mod output device option
   TrigSeq: add: hold lshift or lalt to paint mod1/2 values
   TrigSeq: add: trackdialog: show track names in timing track long options
   TrigSeq: add: trig-less mod/arg2-only trigs
   TrigSeq: add: support "arm for recording" via pipemap
   TrigSeq: add: OUT_CHROMATIC mode where arg2=note
   TrigSeq: add: OUT_CHROMATIC_MONO mode with accent+slide
   TrigSeq: add: per-pattern configurable pitchbend up/down range
   TrigSeq: add: send fractional note number as pitchbend (when pitch range is != 0)
   TrigSeq: add: default_note_duration offset (per pattern)
   TrigSeq: add: inc/dec track default_note_duration kbd shortcuts (lalt-LEFT/RIGHT)
   TrigSeq: add: arg2 note step recording mode (hold LCTRL and play MIDI notes, e.g. for 303-like patterns)
   TrigSeq: add: force note step recording while sustain pedal is pressed
   TrigSeq: add: new MIDI map targets (undo, toggle rec, clear track*, clear all tracks*)
   TrigSeq: add: increase arg1 (usually velocity) detail (float precision)
   TrigSeq: add: HW interface plugin support
   TrigSeq: add: Linnstrument HW interface plugin (user firmware mode)
   TrigSeq: add: honor recording latency setting
   TrigSeq: add: per-pattern quantization offset
   TrigSeq: add: per-track velocity scaling RPNs (see "internal.msp")
   TrigSeq: add: per-track mute RPNs / mute permanently
   TrigSeq: add: Analog Rytm pattern import (lshift-F7)
   TrigSeq: add: add master_len_16th pattern setting (for polymetric patterns)
   TrigSeq: add: edit-pattern-follows-replay mode (lctrl-lshift-space) ("follow arranger")
   TrigSeq: add: "Pattern Output Channel" unmap mode (e.g. for Analog Rytm)
   TrigSeq: add: "analog rytm multich" preset
        UI: fix: update BPM display when BPM is edited on PageProject
        UI: add: minishell DOWN key (autocomplete, same as TAB)
        UI: add: minishell autocompletion: match cmd name substring
        UI: add: show channel (profile) names in MIDI channel selectors / comboboxes
        UI: add: sort node types by name (new node page)
        UI: add: screenshot function (lalt-PRINTSCR)
        UI: add: "Mono" color scheme

 All Nodes: add: clickable edit/play pattern numbers (show combobox)
 All Nodes: add: toggle external clock mode with RPN_COMMON_EXTCLK (570)
 All Nodes: add: draw mute icon in top/right corner when node or pipe is muted
AnalogRytm: fix: remove implicit automation ports to prevent nodes from being detected by Arranger
  Arranger: fix: disappearing track names (layout issue)
  Arranger: fix: preserve mute states when toggling track solo
  Arranger: fix: never queue empty pattern change while timeline is muted
  Arranger: fix: force-remove timeline track even if it still has clips but the target node has been deleted
  Arranger: fix: don't reset loop to canvas size when timeline is muted and marker playmode is active
  Arranger: chg: up/down in selection cursor mode: find clip directly above/below
  Arranger: chg: 'v' to insert snapshot of currently playing pattern (current track only)
  Arranger: chg: 'INSERT' to insert silence on all selected tracks in selection cursor mode 
  Arranger: chg: insert silence before pasting clipboard at existing clip start
  Arranger: chg: when pasting play snapshots on all tracks, only insert silence if snapshot does not fit
  Arranger: chg: align edit offset to grid when stopping replay at cursor (lctrl-space)
  Arranger: chg: change lshift-d (toggle follow) to lctrl-lshift-f
  Arranger: add: lshift-c to loop selected clip and set edit offset to loop start
  Arranger: add: x/y grid cursor mode ('x' toggles it)
  Arranger: add: lctrl-x left/right to move selected clip(s)
  Arranger: add: lctrl-x up/down to resize selected clip(s)
  Arranger: add: track mute/solo kbd shortcuts ('d', 's')
  Arranger: add: lctrl-up/down to select clips at edit offset (all tracks)
  Arranger: add: lshift-space to queue replay offset while replay is running (similar to lshift-click)
  Arranger: add: dbl-click anywhere to queue replay offset (+start replay)
  Arranger: add: lazy-start playing when marker clip is selected via RETURN
  Arranger: add: lshift-z to toggle y-expand-selection mode
  Arranger: add: 'z' to switch between regular track and marker track
  Arranger: add: lctrl-lalt-left: go to previous marker
  Arranger: add: lctrl-lalt-right: go to next marker
  Arranger: add: highlight empty clip patterns
  Arranger: add: lctrl-x e to toggle edge-selection mode (move to clip start/end when enabled)
  Arranger: add: lshift-d to toggle unmute all tracks
  Arranger: add: scratchpad timeline (toggle with lctrl-x s)
  Arranger: add: utility fxn to set clip length(s) to node pattern length(s) (lctrl-x a)
  Arranger: add: "calc_start_offsets_relative_to_first_clip" minishell cmd
  CtlMorph: add: modulate entries with RPN_CTL_x (100..115)
  CtlMorph: add: delete/insert/move entries via keyboard
  CtlMorph: add: query remote params (e.g. "Add Remote ModMatrix controllers") (Eureka host)
  CtlMorph: add: hold LALT when changing entry dev or dev_ch to update all matching entries
  CtlMorph: add: query RPN_CTL_n destination parameter names and create tags (Eureka host) (lctrl-t)
  CtlMorph: add: query RPN_CTL_n destination parameter values (Eureka host) (lctrl-f)
  CtlMorph: add: query RPN_CTL_n destination parameter names+values (Eureka host) (lctrl-e)
  CtlMorph: add: copy/paste entry with 'c', 'v'
  CtlMorph: add: copy/paste group with lshift-c, lshift-v
  CtlMorph: add: select prev/next group with lctrl-x LEFT/RIGHT
    CtlTag: add: lctrl-q to query remote (Eureka host) modmatrix params
      MIDI: add: "remove_unavailable_in_devs" minishell cmd (PageMidiDevs)
      MIDI: add: "remove_unavailable_out_devs" minishell cmd (PageMidiDevs)
 ModMatrix: add: "sub" op
 ModMatrix: add: linear/sqrt/cos/pow pan ops
 ModMatrix: add: "negharmony" op
 ModMatrix: add: "pitchbend region (2)" preset
 ModMatrix: add: "randomize velocity v2" preset
 ModMatrix: add: "note probability v2" preset
 ModMatrix: add: "crossfade 2xout linear modwheel" preset
 ModMatrix: add: "crossfade 2xout linear modwheel invert" preset
 ModMatrix: add: "crossfade 2xout linear pitchbend" preset
 ModMatrix: add: "crossfade 2xout linear pitchbend invert" preset
   Monitor: fix: SysEx recording + playback
   Monitor: add: adjustable sequence start offset (16th) ("replay shift")
   Monitor: add: toggle replay mode with lctrl-x c (same as rctrl)
   Monitor: add: clear events with lctrl-x e (same as lshift-BACKSPACE)
   Monitor: add: cycle seek modes with lctrl-x s
   Monitor: add: queue marker with 't' (in recording mode)
   Monitor: add: delete events left of marker with 'l' or lctrl-x DELETE
   Monitor: add: 'u' to clear events and activate "framerec" mode
   Monitor: add: 'h' to delete events left of marker and go to next pattern
   Monitor: add: auto-marker mode (set marker at first note after silence)
   Monitor: add: "note" seek type
MorphScene: add: send RPN_PRE_SCENETARGET_A..H on target port of first entry when scene is selected
                  (can be used by script nodes to change i/o ports)
MorphScene: add: "group_swap" minishell command
MorphScene: add: "scene_swap" minishell command
MorphScene: add: (optionally) auto-select morph scene when MIDI map context is activated
PatternMgr: add: 'DELETE' to delete pattern
   PipeMap: fix: next/prev used patnr selection when current patnr is --/
   PipeMap: add: improve cursor up/down navigation when pipe spans multiple rows
     Proxy: add: bank+patch select comboboxes, dest.amount floatparam
    Replay: fix: output-transform input events even when "echo" mode is disabled for a device
    Replay: chg: don't send reset (allnotesoff) when replay is stopped via lshift-numpad enter
    Replay: chg: TRACKER_RECORD_USRCTLx (2180..2195) is now RPN_CTL_x (100..115)
    Replay: add: (N)RPN MSB/MSB+LSB send modes (per device, controlled via synth profile "dataEntryMode" attribute)
    Script: add: "seq/rpn prgchg quantization" and "seq/quantized pattern restart" presets
                  (e.g. for postponing pattern changes until end of beat or bar)
    Script: add: "ev/vector fade (radias)" preset
    Script: add: octave up/down soft buttons in Linnstrument preset (bottom left pads)
    Script: add: channel presets in Linnstrument preset
    Script: add: Akai MPK49 pitchbend message fix preset (in 3, external MIDI) (it's a known issue)
     SysEx: add: add generic, MIDI synth profile based synth editor
     SysEx: add: Novation Peak editor (via synth profile + generic synth editor)
     SysEx: add: Korg Radias editor (via synth profile + generic synth editor)
     SysEx: add: midi tuning editor dialog (MIDI Tuning Standard)
     SysEx: add: Black Corporation Deckard's Dream editor (via synth profile + generic synth editor)
     SysEx: add: show only one editor per device
   Tracker: fix: update instrument name after undo/redo
   Tracker: fix: seek to edit offset when replay stops
   Tracker: fix: missing ctltag (N)RPN names in combobox options
   Tracker: fix: step-play (RETURN) when editor is invoked from Arranger
   Tracker: fix: ignore (arranger) seek when starting replay from pattern editor
   Tracker: fix: remove upper limit clipping for CTL_DURn
   Tracker: chg: when CTL_DURn exceeds 255, display as ">>" instead of "??"
   Tracker: chg: double-pattern shortcuts to lctrl-p / lctrl-lshift-p (instead of o)
   Tracker: chg: re-init track layout when importing Monitor sequence and there's only one pattern
   Tracker: chg: handle unipolar / bipolar 14bit and remote/VST value scaling separately
                     e.g. 255 maps to 16320 in 0..255 mode and to 16383 in -128..127 mode
                       M0_127: 64=0.503, 127=1.0
                      M64..63: 64=0.5, 127=1.0
                       M0_255: 128=0.501, 255=1.0
                     M128_127: 128=0.5, 255=1.0
   Tracker: chg: remove upper limit clipping for CTL_DURn
   Tracker: chg: display CTL_DURn values >255 as ">>" instead of "??"
   Tracker: add: auto-add note-cels and tracks when importing Monitor sequences with more than 5 active notes
   Tracker: add: improve "manage cels" dialog (change layout, improve keyboard navigation)
   Tracker: add: auto-spread notes to multiple tracks ("Spread" recording mode)
   Tracker: add: improve RPN_TRACKER_RECORD_USRCTLn handling and add asymmetric mode
   Tracker: add: show effective output values when editing instrument param reset value
   Tracker: add: improve keyboard focus behaviour in instrument editor
                  + focus param list after param editing
                  + focus instrument list after instrument name / bank / prognr / pitchbend editing
                  + add tabcycle override after creating new instrument (focus name, dev, ..)  
   Tracker: add: envelope-view: fine-tune ctlpoint y-position in line/curve mode by holding LMB down + mouse drag
   Tracker: add: edittracklayoutdialog: "Group By Note+Vel+Dur" utility fxn
   Tracker: add: edittracklayoutdialog: "Auto-Add Cels (Auto-Layout)" utility fxn
   Tracker: add: edittracklayoutdialog: "Reset Layout" utility fxn
   Tracker: add: cel styles HI_NIBBLE, LO_NIBBLE
   Tracker: add: toggle all pattern cel vel+dur styles with lctrl-x p
   Tracker: add: always record note on velocity during realtime record (but not framePlay)
   Tracker: add: import modmatrix params from remote (Eureka host) (via ctltag)
   Tracker: add: import params from synth profile
   Tracker: add: add "Import Performance Ctls" utility fxns (instrument view param table context menu)
   Tracker: add: after deleting param, move table cursor to previous param if there's no next
   Tracker: add: alternative cel styles, toggle with lctrl-x [
   Tracker: add: RPN_COMMON_SPEED_SYNC_RATE controller (auto-sync speed modulation back to 1x)
   Tracker: add: "rand_ctl_abs" minishell command
   Tracker: add: "rand_ctl_delta" minishell command
   Tracker: add: "rand_ctl_rel" minishell command
   Tracker: add: "neg_harmony" minishell command
   TrigSeq: fix: soft-crash when pattern is null
        UI: fix: lots of layout / text positioning fixes
        UI: fix: mouse-cursor related crash when toggling fullscreen mode
        UI: fix: popupmenu submenu position near window borders
        UI: chg: show tooltips in screen corners by default (can be changed in synergy_config.tks)
        UI: chg: use flat look (no button borders) by default
        UI: add: kbd shortcut for switching between Eureka and Synergy (lctrl-x x)
        UI: add: add alternative "dark" theme
        UI: add: color grading post processing shader
        UI: add: interactive mini-shell in statusbar textfield (page dependent commands with auto-completion) (lctrl-`)
        UI: add: page navigation toolbar (+ get rid of "start" page)

      MIDI: add: joystick support (via virtual MIDI input devices)
      MIDI: add: Microsoft XBOX 360 joypad MIDI synth profile
      MIDI: add: Logitech G27 racing wheel MIDI synth profile
      MIDI: add: FrSky Taranis X9D RC MIDI synth profile
MorphScene: chg: copy'n'paste scenes via lctrl-lshift-c/v instead of lctrl-c/v
MorphScene: add: multiple table selection / copy'n'paste entries (lctrl-c/v)
MorphScene: add: multi scenes
MorphScene: add: send global RPN event(s) when scene or multi-scene is selected
    Replay: chg: emit poly-pressure events _before_ note on
   Tracker: chg: toggle play/arp views with lctrl-x tab instead of lctrl-x x
   Tracker: add: event timing view (toggle with lctrl-\ or lctrl-x x)
   Tracker: add: timingview: auto-double width/height options
   Tracker: add: timing view move-lock (toggle with lctrl-lshift-\ or lctrl-x lshift-x)
   Tracker: add: zoom in/out with lctrl-WHEELUP/DOWN
   Tracker: add: lshift-RETURN to play/cycle single (chord-)notes
   TrigSeq: fix: track setup tabcycle order
   TrigSeq: add: track setup mini kbdfocus cyclelists (a,c,d,f,j,.. keys)
   TrigSeq: add: velocity jitter (%) (per pattern and per track)
   TrigSeq: add: pattern-global microtime jitter offset
   TrigSeq: add: note-name profiles (see midi_note_names/ directory)
   TrigSeq: add: per-pattern and/or per-track note-name definitions (note output modes)
   TrigSeq: add: Superior Drummer 3 note-name definitions (clean/dry)
   TrigSeq: add: Synergy note-name definitions
   TrigSeq: add: Groove Agent 4 note-name definitions (alt/indie + electronic)
   TrigSeq: add: DSI Tempest note-name definition (custom)
   TrigSeq: add: Elektron Analog Rytm (perf.channel) note-name definition
   TrigSeq: add: colorize forced-out widgets (darken when not enabled)
        UI: chg: reduce number of relayout passes when node editor is shown
        UI: chg: force relayouting of all node editors when window is resized
        UI: add: wrap try..catch around every UI callback
        UI: add: searchable comboboxes
                  (type to show filter in popup dialog)
                  (return to cycle through multiple choices or select unique result)
                  (UP to hide filter textfield and refocus option table)

      MIDI: add: increase default number of virtual MIDI devices from 8 to 16
      MIDI: add API to generate midimap events from pipe nodes
 ModMatrix: add: midi channel is now configurable when macro "n" dev is selected
 ModMatrix: add: * midi channel selection (match all channels)
MorphScene: add: hold-click "Add" to replace input event
MorphScene: add: increase number of scenes from 4 (A..D) to 8 (A..H)
   PipeMap: chg: move cursor to next pipe after deleting pipe
 Prophet12: fix: morph layout (broken in last release)
    Script: fix: crash when assigning non-delegate function to delegate
    Script: add "mono_poly*" channel cycle scripts
    Script: add latch brightness preset (linnstrument) ("mpe_latch_cc")
    Script: add linnstrument arranger and fader preset ("linnstrument arranger", see docs)
    Script: add: OnSaveState(Stream ofs) callback
    Script: add: OnLoadState(Stream ifs) callback
    Script: add: note to used patnr preset ("note_to_usedpatnr")
    Script: add: OnUIInit(XMLForm xfm) callback
   Tracker: fix: "remove cel" dialog crash
   Tracker: chg: RT recording: fallback to first visible note cel when cursor is placed on non-note cel
   Tracker: chg: when step recording, always record on current track (ignore filter)
   Tracker: add: filter mode that only looks at the midich (filter mixed state setting)
   Tracker: add "*mpe*" presets
   Tracker: add: holding lalt when editing instrument device and/or channel now updates all instruments
   TrigSeq: fix: support auto-noteoff for trackmute+globalmute+trackrepeat keys
   TrigSeq: fix: global repeat trigs (a-4) only worked when delayed by 1 tick
   TrigSeq: fix: global repeat trigs (a-4) in "Immediate" mode repeated all tracks
   TrigSeq: add: OUT_SINGLECH_NOTE_PROBABILITY output mode (arg2=probability in %)
   TrigSeq: add: per-track microtime jitter
        UI: set filename to project name before, and prj name to filename after saving
        UI: directory navigation related filedialog improvements 

    CtlTag: fix: pressing 'a' while editing a tag name 'a' opened the 'add' dialog
  Arranger: fix: start non-master arranger clip state recording at cursor position
  Arranger: fix: never auto-remove tracks that have clips
  Arranger: fix: redraw timeline after clip recording
  Arranger: never stop clips on currently recording tracks
  Arranger: chg: don't process autodev events when node is muted
  Arranger: add: cursor right after last clip: move to clip end
  Arranger: add: show marker clips in pattern manager (lctrl-x d)
    KeyMap: chg: don't process autodev events when node is muted

   General: move to 64bit / x64 (tested on Windows 10)
  Arranger: fix: rebuild device name (and alias) list when node is shown
  Arranger: fix: restore clip selection after editing clip node
  Arranger: chg: when starting selection with cursor keys, select upper or lower track
                     clip depending on cursor key (up/down)
  Arranger: change inc/dec patnr shortcut to home/end
  Arranger: change goto start/end shortcut to lshift-home/lshift-end (like in Tracker node)
  Arranger: add: display pattern/clip names in timeline
  Arranger: add marker track
             (editable markers/ranges)
             (auto assign pattern numbers to markers for autodev remote control)
             (assigned pattern patnr can be changed by selecting and editing its patnr)
             (marker name can be changed selecting a clip and editing its name)
             (also supports standard autodev note-to-prg mapping (c-3..))
             (marker play can be beat-synced via "Queue 16th" setting in "Play" tab)
             ('return' or double-clicking a marker queues it)
             (support RPN_COMMON_SEEK_OFFSET when launching marker clips from other arranger)
  Arranger: add arranger stack for easy navigation and editing of cascaded arranger setups
  Arranger: add note to arranger offset (marker) feature
  Arranger: add: zoom in/out with lshift-]/[ (+/) (like in Tracker node)
  Arranger: add: show tools menu with 'a'
  Arranger: add: focus grid size widget with lshift-a
  Arranger: add: when editing "Queue 16th", show bar/beat equivalent
  Arranger: add: cycle through play modes with 'p'
   MIDIMon: add: colorize events
   Monitor: chg: when clicking note (to play it), don't grab keyboard focus
                     (that prev/next frame can be select with cursor keys)
   Monitor: add: move frame left/right (lshift-left/right)
   Monitor: change "play frame" shortcut to 'w' (consistency with trigseq)
   Monitor: change "delete frame" shortcut to DELETE
   Monitor: change change "delete frame before current" shortcut to lctrl-DELETE
   Monitor: add "clear frame" shortcut (backspace)
   Monitor: add: open tools menu with 'a'
   Monitor: add: auto-merge and set fixed duration option (useful for editing chords)
   Monitor: add: save/restore merge millisec, fixed duration, fixed velocity settings per node
   Monitor: add: when appending new events during record->play->record,
                  add some time offset to prevent merge
   Monitor: add: frames can now be triggered with notes (auto-dev)
                  (STConfig.node_monitor_trigger_base_note (c-3 / 36))
   Monitor: add: trigger velocity modes (keep, replace, multiply, add)
   Monitor: add: lock/overdub current frame mode
                  (don't advance while recording)
                  ('l' or 'd' key toggles it)
      Push: add: keyboard mode: dual+quad split modes
    Script: fix: unresolved "module member not found" causes program to terminate
    Script: fix: constant value error when script is recompiled
    Script: add: boppad to trigseq script preset
   TrigSeq: fix: remove note from framerec when record dev+ch matches
   TrigSeq: fix: pasting pattern plays sounds
   TrigSeq: fix: don't record note duration (arg2) when recording is not enabled
   TrigSeq: fix: instance created during replay was not always in sync
   TrigSeq: fix: autodev notes were only working when recording device was enabled
   TrigSeq: chg: clear track trigs and repeats (and keep args+microtiming) (backspace)
   TrigSeq: add: timing track (added to per-track step microtimes)
   TrigSeq: add: timing track / groove presets (STConfig.groove_path)
   TrigSeq: add: clear track microtiming shortcut (lalt-backspace)
   TrigSeq: add: when drawing trigs with RMB, interpolate mouse position while LCTRL is pressed
                  (relative mouse y in step cell determines velocity)
   TrigSeq: add: pageup/pagedown: move cursor to next/prev track (groups of 4)
   TrigSeq: add: lshift-pageup/pagedown: inc/dec track len
   TrigSeq: add: lshift-home / lshift-end: goto first/last track
   TrigSeq: add: utility fxn to load arg2 identity (0..play_length-1)
   TrigSeq: add: paste track to all patterns utility function (lctrl-lshift-v)
   TrigSeq: add: undo/redo multiple patterns
                  (undo state is invalidated when pattern is changed)
   Tracker: fix crash after deleting node and replacing it with another
   Tracker: fix crash when toggling pattern manager / remark editor 
   Tracker: fix crash when undo timeout expires after node has already been deleted
   Tracker: fix crash in getCursorXAtPixel() when no track is visible
   Tracker: fix: instance created during replay was not always in sync
   Tracker: fix: delegate pitchbend (delegate_perf_events) to current instrument
   Tracker: change default note-off velocity to 64
   Tracker: add: highlight steps in external sync / polystep mode
   Tracker: add: inject_mute/inject_seek RPNs
   Tracker: add: VST param type (for use with the new work-in-progress Eureka DAW and metahost plugin)
                  (more on this later!)
   Tracker: add trk_rec_usr1..16 RPNS (redirected to current node / current track)
                 (then mapping your MIDI controller(s) to these RPNs makes it possible to
                  use a common controller setup in all tracker instances)
                 (when node is not currently editable (aimed for recording),
                   the RPN behaviour is the same as the inject_inject_usr1..16 RPNs)
   Tracker: add toggle zoom / step_resolution hotkey ('f' / ''' ('') keys)
                 (A/B zoom level is stored per node)
        UI: fix: array-out-of-bounds exception in TextView (e.g. ScriptNodeEditor)
        UI: fix: project page: bpm widget is not updated when bpm is changed via numpad
        UI: add: project i/o: auto-set last loaded / last saved project
                  (add "Auto-Update" checkbox right next to "L" and "S" button on config page)

 All Nodes: add: lctrl-g (jump to pattern) dialog is now available in all nodes (not only in tracker)
 All Nodes: add: when auto dev+ch is edited, indicate whether the setting is globally/locally unique
             (bgcolor of channel combobox; tooltip lists conflict details)
 All Nodes: add map targets for "used" pattern selection (MMT_SELECT_USED_PATTERN_1..16)
  Arranger: fix: first tick of TrigSeq pattern was not played when the node was previously muted
  Arranger: fix: selecting tracks with cursor up/down now skips empty tracks
  Arranger: fix: immediately resize timeline area after window has been resized
  Arranger: fix: when multiple clips are deleted, don't add deleted clip to new selection (fix crash)
  Arranger: chg: prefer intersecting clips when selecting clips with cursor up/down
  Arranger: chg: don't auto-scroll left/right when selecting clips up/down
  Arranger: add: highlight track label (red) that haven't been assigned a unique auto dev+ch
             (tooltip lists conflict details)
  Arranger: add: 'return' key or right mouse button click now edit first selected clip
  Arranger: add: lctrl-home to inc patnr of selected clips by 4
  Arranger: add: lctrl-lshift-home to inc patnr of selected clips by 1
  Arranger: add: lctrl-end to dec patnr of selected clips by 4
  Arranger: add: lctrl-lshift-end to dec patnr of selected clips by 1
 AudioTool: add -ow option
             (set separate wav output prefix, "*samples" to place in relative "samples/" subdir)
 AudioTool: add UVI Falcon (.uvip) patch generator
             (currently supports Sample, Stretch, Layer-per-Keygroup and Layer CC-Switch options)
 AudioTool: add wavetable mode (Serum-style 2048 frames/cycle wavetables)
             (resamples input wav cycles to match required wavetable cycle length)
 AudioTool: add "wavetable" preset
 AudioTool: add "split layered" preset
 AudioTool: add "multiloop c,d#,f#,a" presets
 AudioTool: add "single loop-only" preset
      MIDI: add Allen&Heath XONE K1 profile
      MIDI: add Akai MPK49 ControlBank B+C profiles
MorphScene: fix: source filter "range" and "split end": compare <= end instead of <end
MorphScene: fix: "remap" 127..0 should invert (e.g. Roland foot switch)
   PipeMap: fix: crash after node as moved to other pipe and previous pipe was deleted
   PipeMap: add 'edit pipe/node comment" to context menus
   PipeMap: add polystep_8ch and polystep_8ch_kong pipe presets
     Proxy: fix crash in showDataStatic() (prophet08 editor)
      Push: fix: when kbd mode is disabled, never map push events to outgoing device (note on, ..)
    Replay: fix: duration of note-on events was truncated to 15bit (32767 ticks)
    Replay: chg: increase replay thread priorities to realtime
    Script: add "Script" node type
    Script: add "chord detect" preset
    Script: add "gen mts tunings" presets
    Script: add: "ev/replace dev ch" preset
 StatusBar: chg: increase BPM widget precision (e.g. 129.72 instead of 129.7)
   Tracker: fix: untight recording due to use of UI song position instead of replay song position
   Tracker: fix: patternmgr: after pattern selection during replay,
                  pattern nr reverts when page is exited
   Tracker: fix: envelopeview: zero values not drawn correctly (invisible)
   Tracker: fix: envelopeview: wrong -64..63 range editing center (display y offset)
   Tracker: fix: don't process tap note input when node is not being edited
                 (unless "bg" recording is enabled)
   Tracker: add: send parameter reset values when instrument is selected manually
   Tracker: add: show current line chord name in status bar
                  (currently recognizes 102 different chords, e.g. "Sus4" or "Maj7No3_I2")
   Tracker: add "collapse" utility function (prepare pattern for "tap" mode)
   Tracker: add: automatically redirect AT/PAT/PB/MW/BC/Expr/Sostenuto/Sustain events
                  to current instrument dev+ch (STConfig.b_node_tracker_delegate_perf_events)
   Tracker: add PAT_COLLAPSE_AND_TAP midimapper action
   Tracker: add PAT_TAP_TOGGLE mode midimapper action
   Tracker: add collapse+start tap menu item+kbd shortcut (lctrl-t)
   Tracker: add PAT_RECORD_CONTINUE midimapper action
   Tracker: add: set pattern length to cursor (lctrl-lshift-l)
   TrigSeq: fix: highlight cursor got stuck after last track trig was deleted
   TrigSeq: fix: 'w' in edit mode always set first step
   TrigSeq: fix: show RMB context menu only when button was clicked,
                  not after hold-release (e.g. floatparam edit)
   TrigSeq: fix: record device / playstep not working until replay's been started
                  at least once (after creating new node)
   TrigSeq: fix: play repeat even if track has no trigs (external trigger)
   TrigSeq: fix: only process record dev+channel events when editor is visible
   TrigSeq: fix: store mute+repeat states in node so that they work across pattern changes
   TrigSeq: fix: update vertical scrollbar when cursor is moved
   TrigSeq: add: tracksetupdialog: MIDI learn track outputs (note + dev + ch)
   TrigSeq: add: configurable track name bgcolors
   TrigSeq: add: per-track roll/repeat keys (C-5..D#6)
   TrigSeq: add: per-track mute keys (C-7..D#8)
   TrigSeq: add: handle trig/repeat/mute/globalrepeat/globalmute notes on auto channels
   TrigSeq: add: indicate external trig/repeat/mute in UI (flash track nr bg)
   TrigSeq: add: save/restore cursor track and scroll offset
        UI: chg: enable FPS limiter by default (fixes high CPU/GPU load on certain systems)

 Prophet12: add: mixed state "PL" mode: only send patch NRPN when patch is current proxy patch
   Tracker: fix: note on recording (broken after recent metronome fix)

 Prophet12: fix: solo layer a/b not working in diff mode
 Prophet12: fix: reload does send resend patch

      Auto: add: pattern copy/paste/new/delete keyboard shortcuts
    Buffer: add: pattern copy/paste/new/delete keyboard shortcuts
      MIDI: fix: race condition in lshift-NUMPAD enter shortcut handling (start/stop w/o sending MMC)
  CtlMorph: chg: send pattern ctl states after clipboard paste
  CtlMorph: chg: cyclic morph generator/player now cycles through "used" patterns
  CtlMorph: add: lshift-r to send group reset ctl states (same as "Reset" button)
 ModMatrix: add: OP_RANGE_IN (send arg4 when arg2 is in range), rename OP_RANGE to OP_RANGE_OUT
 All Nodes: add: lctrl-lshift-HOME to go to next used (non-empty) pattern
 All Nodes: add: lctrl-lshift-END to go to previous used (non-empty) pattern
PatternMgr: add: pattern manager (lctrl-x d) (for all nodes that support patterns)
 Prophet12: fix: subosc levels were not sent correctly during proxy morph/patch change
 Prophet12: add: option to ignore proxy events (for sound design during replay) ("PL" checkbox)
 Prophet12: add: option to ignore option ignore proxy reset events ("PR" checkbox)
 Prophet12: add: "autosend" mixed state: only send patch when it is selected, not when editor is shown
 Prophet12: add: show patch name in empty tab area, mousewheel over label to select prev/next patch
 Prophet12: add: multi-patch-edit mode (lctrl-q) (e.g. for editing common morph group settings)
 Prophet12: add: morph preview mode
 Prophet12: add: "Diff" patch change mode (faster patch changes and less sound hickups)
 Prophet12: add: lctrl-e to load patch from synth edit buffer (same as "Receive Edit" button)
 Prophet12: add: new oscillator randomization dialog ('r')
   StepSeq: add: pattern copy/paste/new/delete keyboard shortcuts
   Tracker: fix: single-event undo while pattern is in record mode and autoscroll is disabled
   Tracker: fix: send MIDI keyjazz note off as actual note off instead of note on with velocity 0
   Tracker: fix: overlay redraw issues when switching between e.g. the sysex editor and the tracker page
   Tracker: fix: metronome click after "undo and restart recording" (return) was occasionally missing a beat

AnalogRytm: add: "AR: Kit Send BD1/SD2/RS3/.." RPNs (send single sound)
      MIDI: fix: SysEx input message handling in synth editors and nodes (broken in last release)

AnalogRytm: fix: handle partial SysEx replies
AnalogRytm: fix: don't process note on/off events when node is muted
AnalogRytm: fix: only delete mapped input events
                  (i.e. pass unmapped events on to next node)
AnalogRytm: fix: learn trigs from autoch
                  (in prev releases, "Output Ch" had to be set to "TRK CH")
AnalogRytm: add: hold-click "Recv" to reset kit/pattern receive state
AnalogRytm: add: show RAW version
AnalogRytm: add: performance / scene / track lock mask (see "IO" tab)
                  (e.g. for mixing sounds from different kits)
AnalogRytm: add: select+send kit via RPN
AnalogRytm: add: mix kit+send via RPN (lock mask)
AnalogRytm: add: select+send pattern via RPN
AnalogRytm: add: re-enumerate UIDs tool functions (kit/pattern/..)
AnalogRytm: add: update track 1..12 sample nr tool function
AnalogRytm: add: hold-click kit recv to download only bd1,sd2,..,fx,perf,scene (opens menu)
AnalogRytm: add: support dual column names (separated via "~" character)
AnalogRytm: add: snapshot selection RPN
  Arranger: fix: creating new nodes sometimes caused clips to move to wrong tracks
  Arranger: fix: crash after pressing delete after last track clip has been deleted
  Arranger: chg: move "silence" and "snapshot" functions to "Tools" menu
  Arranger: add: timeline clipstate (mute/solo+patternnr) recording
  Arranger: add: track recording lock buttons and kbd shortcuts
                  (h=toggle, lctrl-h=clear, lshift-h=invert)
  Arranger: add: utility function to copy node clipstate from arranger
  Arranger: add: utility function to delete all muted clips in selection
  Arranger: add: clip track area to minimum height
  Arranger: add: improve cursor key movement (e.g. auto-select clip near edit offset)
  Arranger: add: lshift-LMB click in track area to extend clip selection
  Arranger: add: after deleting clip, select next (or previous) one
  Arranger: add: 'd' to center display to replay offset
  Arranger: add: lshift-d to toggle center display lock
  Arranger: add: lctrl-SPACE to stop replay, don't rewind to start, and
                  select clip near replay offset
 AudioTool: add: SXT ClipLoop feature
                  (input=wav with 2 loop repeats, output=wav with 1 seamless loop)
      Docs: add: autodevice MIDI implementation table
      Docs: add: Arranger keyboard shortcuts table
    KeyMap: fix: pattern clone
    KeyMap: add: clone/clone sub/alloc sub utility functions and kbd shortcuts
    KeyMap: add: option to send fixed RPN(s) (e.g. start/stop/toggle mute/..)
    KeyMap: add: holding LALT while changing output device or channel now updates all entries
    KeyMap: add: holding LALT while changing send mode now updates all entries
    KeyMap: add: holding LALT while changing match mode now updates all entries
    KeyMap: add: holding LALT while changing note duration now updates all entries
    KeyMap: add: holding LALT while changing velocity curve now updates all entries
    KeyMap: add: alternative program change mode (mixed state)
                  (send timeline recordable "UI Node PrgChg")
    KeyMap: add: auto-advance to next entry in "update match note" recording mode
      MIDI: fix: always echo-transform input events in node editors
                  that expect output device events
      MIDI: fix: delete transformed SysEx messages only when device input echo is enabled
      MIDI: fix: note off velocity was broken in last release
      MIDI: add: "Note Buttons" synth profile
      MIDI: add: timeline recordable node/pipe mute/solo (e.g. "Com: UI Node Mute")
      MIDI: add: timeline recordable program change RPN ("Com: UI Node PrgChg")
      MIDI: add: hold-click (or lshift-kp enter) to stop without sending MMC stop
  MIDIPipe: fix: free marker when freeing frame, copy marker when copying frame
   MIDIMon: add: show SysEx message size
   MIDIMon: add: output monitor (MIDI buffer bytes) (lctrl-NUMPAD +)
   Monitor: fix: don't clear events when play pattern has changed or node is shown
   Monitor: add: punch in/out markers ('p')
   Monitor: add: "trim to punch in/out" tool function ('k')
   Monitor: add: "fit BPM to sequence" tool function ('b')
   Monitor: add: merge-markers tool function
   Monitor: add: default merge thresholds are now configurable
   Monitor: add: 17 new MMC targets
   Monitor: add: option to view transformed events
   Monitor: add: support "Com: Run" RPN
   Monitor: add: lshift-RCTRL to cycle through modes
  MonoPoly: chg: don't reset active note state when node is reset
MorphScene: fix: conversion from polypressure to chpressure resulted in static value
MorphScene: add: update all matching entries when LALT is held down while
                  changing MIDI device or channel
MorphScene: fix: mousewheel-cycle through _all_ devs, don't stop at first unavailable dev
MorphScene: add: copy/paste scene with lctrl-c/v
MorphScene: add: clear scene with lshift-BACKSPACE
MorphScene: add: lctrl-up/down to move selected entry up/down
   PipeMap: fix: crash after moving last pipe
   PipeMap: add: lshift-up/down to move pipe
   Tracker: fix: auto-deselect block on cursor move after select all,
                  or when pattern is changed
   Tracker: fix: first beat note was not recorded when replay was started from last beat
   Tracker: fix: some undo related issues ("transaction still in progress")
   Tracker: fix: can now undo multiple track layouts (e.g. after monitor import)
   Tracker: fix: block transpose now leaves "all track notes off" (===) and
                  "all channel notes off" (###) events intact
   Tracker: fix: param events were not sent when param-specific device was set
                   and instrument device was invalid
   Tracker: fix: "cursor sometimes temporarily stuck at last row after switching to node" issue
   Tracker: add: Monitor pattern clipboard importer (auto-creates tracks/instruments/params)
   Tracker: add: pattern length can now (optionally) be set in beats/bars (lctrl-l)
   Tracker: add: support new "Com: Offset Queued" and "Com: Length Queued" RPNs
   TrigSeq: add: support "Com: Run" RPN

 AudioTool: add "SXT" wav slicer and autolooper (input=wav, output=wavs + Reason NNXT patch)
 AudioTool: add "SDS" sample uploader and AnalogRytm samplechain/varichain/kit generator+uploader
      Midi: fix bug that prevented polyphonic pressure events from being recorded from external MIDI input
   MidiMon: fix bug that could cause discarded events to crash the app
   MidiMon: add option to show events after morph-scene transformation
   MidiMon: don't clear events when play pattern has changed
MorphScene: fix: conversion from poly to channel pressure resulted in static value
      Push: add "kbd" mode
             (play notes with push pads, configurable mode/key/octave/row_add/shiftx settings)
      Push: add PUSH_MODE and PUSH_TOGGLE_KBD global midimapcontext targets

   PipeMap: make node / pipe visible (via scroll offset) after they've been created
 Prophet12: add multi-edit feature
             (hold down LALT to multi-edit osc/env/lfo/delay 1..4 params)
 Prophet12: patchmorpher: extended param range flags are now ORd (instead of interpolated)
   Tracker: "up" key now works as expected in "add column dialog" when "Filter" textfield is focused
   Tracker: polystep RPNs are now parsed in both "record" and "play" frames
             (e.g. when they are generated by a modmatrix node that is controlled by external MIDI input)
   Tracker: add "Trk: Slide Base Note Off" RPN
   Tracker: pattern did not reset properly in ARP mode when CTL_SEEK was used simultaneously

 ModMatrix: script editor dialog is now resizable
 Prophet12: fix vertical size related layout issue
   Tracker: fix raster recording mode (was completely broken in previous releases)
   Tracker: fix MIDI note recording issue (after two pattern loops)
   Tracker: lctrl-lshift-a to quantize block (no block = all steps)
   Tracker: lctrl-a now selects none if there already is a selection
   Tracker: rename "clear block" to "free envelope(s)" (lshift-f3)
   Tracker: '\' ('<' on german kbds) now clears block when there is a selection
   TrigSeq: implement "MultiTrack Polystep" output mode
   TrigSeq: implement "Mute Temp" output mode
   TrigSeq: implement "Pattern Change + Offset" output mode
   TrigSeq: output mode can now be overridden per track
   TrigSeq: output device+channel can now be overridden per track
   TrigSeq: add per-track microtime shift
   TrigSeq: lshift-x/c/v to cut/copy/paste track to/from track clipboard
   TrigSeq: lshift-w to force step play (current track only) (even when muted)
        UI: fix combobox item tooltip positions

  Arranger: start current loop when reaching the end of the previous loop (after loop has been edited)
  Arranger: implement snap-to-grid (can now be turned off)
  Arranger: 'l' now aligns selected clips to grid
  CtlMorph: update "internal" synth profile
             (the previous release accidentally contained an old version w/o the "Morph Pat" RPN entries)
  CtlMorph: morph ranges are now freely configurable (offset / range / position RPNs + UI widgets)
  CtlMorph: add cyclic morph generator dialog (offset / range) (replaces hardcoded 1a..1d, 1a..2d, .. ranges)
  CtlMorph: fix controller table layout issue
      Docs: add Proxy node documentation
      Docs: add TrigSeq keyboard shortcuts
      Docs: add several missing shortcuts
  MIDIPipe: fix MIDI cache clear bug (128 instead of 16384 (N)RPN states were cleared)
 Prophet12: improved patch morpher
             (fixed some bugs regarding modmatrix and character section interpolation)
 Prophet12: "Transform" / RT morph configuration is now saved in the project file
 Prophet12: lctrl-c/v/n to copy/paste/init patch
 Prophet12: HOME/END to select next/previous patch
 Prophet12: LMB-click on "Patch Nr" label-button to select next bank,
             hold-click to select first project-specific patch (P17 P1)
     Proxy: morph ranges are now freely configurable (offset / range / position RPNs + UI widgets)
   Tracker: add replace mode to envelope view (when checked, only existing events will be modified)

 - first public release