Document:Eureka Sampler+VST Host

1 Eureka Preview

1.1 Installation:

1.1.1 mandatory:

  1. install MIDI loopback device driver (e.g. loopMIDI)
  2. add two loopback devices named remote_audio and remote_seq
  3. add four loopback devices named vst_a, vst_b, vst_c, vst_d (optional: also add vst_e..vst_h)
on macOS, launch the Audio MIDI, select Window ⇒ Show MIDI Studio, double click the IAC driver (red), set Device Name to "" (empty string), then add the remote_audio, remote_seq, vst_a, vst_b, vst_c, vst_d, vst_e, vst_f, vst_g, vst_h MIDI ports, and click "Apply".

1.1.2 optional:

  1. open eureka_config.tks in text editor
  2. adjust b_minimal_startup variable (false=enable VST/voiceplugin/samplecache scans)
  3. adjust rootpath variable
  4. adjust audiotrack_wav_rootpath variable
  5. adjust exported_samples_wav_rootpath variable
  6. adjust project_samples_wav_rootpath variable
  7. adjust sample_rootpath variable
  8. adjust b_force_single_thread variable (set to false to enable multicore rendering (default on macOS))
  9. adjust vst_paths variable
  10. adjust atrk_rec_skip_num_frames (latency compensation) as required (default=-80)

1.2 Keyboard Shortcuts

shortcuts assume a US keyboard layout (unless stated otherwise).

1.2.1 Global

RCTRLtoggle recording
numpad ENTER
BACKSPACEstop all voices
qtoggle scope

hold to play 261.63Hz (middle C) reference tone
Global keyboard shortcuts

1.2.2 "Samples" page

F2edit sample or zone name (when table has keyboard focus)

toggle (wav) sample browser

toggle zone drumpad view
F11show synth dialog (Cycle)
lctrl-TABtoggle zone table model (show names or velocity/mod ranges)
1select all zones
2select previous zone
3select next zone
4edit previous ModSample OR previous sample pad of parent track
5edit next ModSample OR next sample pad of parent track
lctrl-1show Audio Tracks page
lctrl-2show Project page
lctrl-3show Track page
Samples Page keyboard shortcuts

..when samples table has keyboard focus:
F2edit sample name
INSERTcreate new sample
lshift-INSERTclone selected sample
DELETEdelete selected sample
lctrl-DELETEdelete selected sample without confirmation
lctrl-UPmove selected sample up
lctrl-DOWNmove selected sample down
Samples Page Sample Table keyboard shortcuts
..when zone table has keyboard focus:
F2edit zone name
INSERTcreate new zone
lshift-INSERTclone selected zone
lctrl-INSERTclone zone synth (Cycle)
DELETEdelete selected zone
lctrl-DELETEdelete selected zone without confirmation
lctrl-UPmove selected zone up
lctrl-DOWNmove selected zone down
Samples Page Zone Table keyboard shortcuts
..when voice plugins table has keyboard focus:
F12rescan+reload voice plugins
DELset current plugin slot type to "-"
Samples Page Plugin Table keyboard shortcuts

1.2.3 "Project" page

WHEEL UPselect previous track
WHEEL DOWNselect next track
cursor keysselect track
lctrl WHEEL UPdecrease track size
lctrl WHEEL DOWNincrease track size
eedit focused track
fedit first ModSample or ModVST of focused track
dmute focused track
ssolo focused track
nadd new track
ctrl-nadd new track and edit it
lshift-nadd new audio track for selected MIDI track and edit it
e.g. "drums" ⇒ "a_drums"
Project Page keyboard shortcuts

1.2.4 "Track" page

LEFTselect previous track
RIGHTselect next track
F3show/hide plugin browser
RETURNedit first or last selected mod

toggle modmatrix / lanes view (alt key: F4, lctrl-4)
lctrl-wsync mods on other lanes with last selected mod
lctrl-hsync other lanes with last selected lane
lctrl-lload track patch
lctrl-ssave track patch
lctrl-qhide plugin browser or show Instrument plugins
lctrl-fshow Effect plugins
lctrl-eshow track patch variations table
lctrl-tenable experimental (resampler) menu items / keys
lctrl-1show Audio Tracks page
lctrl-2show Project page
lctrl-3show Track page
Track Page keyboard shortcuts
lane modules:
LMB hold clickshow (VST) patch browser
lshift-LMB clickshow generic param editor instead of regular UI
lalt-LMB clickshow parameter set editor
Track Page keyboard shortcuts
when VST editor window is focused:
ESChide plugin window
`sync MPE/LPC/VRR mirror mods (^ on german kbd)
F12add mod matrix entry for last touched param
RCTRLtoggle audio(-track)recording
VST Window keyboard shortcuts

1.2.5 Sample View

Key SequenceDescription
lctrl-lshift-SPACEShow all
lctrl-SPACEFit selection to window or show all
lctrl-lshift-aSelect none
LMB dblclickSet selection to highlighted area or Select none
lctrl-aSelect all / show all
lctrl-bDeclick selection end (512 sample frames fade out)
lctrl-lshift-bDeclick selection start (512 sample frames fade in)
lctrl-cCopy selection to clipboard
lctrl-lshift-cAppend selection to clipboard
RETURNAppend selection to clipboard
lctrl-dSilence selection
lctrl-lshift-dSurround selection with silence (for transient detection tools)
lctrl-e(partially handled by SampleView) Export selection to WAV (send event)
lctrl-lshift-e(partially handled by SampleView) Multi-Export regions to WAV (send event)
lctrl-fFade-out selection
lctrl-lshift-fFade-in selection
lctrl-gToggle show highlight
lctrl-hCopy selection to highlight (modifies either sampleoff/len or current loop off/len)
lctrl-iToggle show RMS
lctrl-jToggle show regions
lshift-jToggle RMS autoshop mode
lctrl-lshift-jToggle autochop dialog
lctrl-lshift-iToggle show samples
lctrl-kDelete left channel
lctrl-lshift-kDelete right channel
lctrl-lshift-lClear undo/redo history
lctrl-mConvert to mono
lctrl-lshift-mConvert to stereo
lctrl-nNormalize selection
lctrl-lshift-nNormalize regions
lctrl-oAmplify selection (show dialog)
lctrl-pPhase-invert selection
lctrl-qSelect next region, or select next cycle (in cycle-edit mode) (same as cursor RIGHT)
lctrl-lshift-qSelect previous region, or select previous cycle (in cycle-edit mode) (same as cursor LEFT)
lctrl-rReverse selection
lctrl-lshift-rCrossfade selection
lshift-rLoop-xfade selection. Needs 128 frames before selection start.
lctrl-sTighten selection (via transient detection)
lctrl-tTruncate to selection
lctrl-lshift-tAuto-trim (select all, tighten selection, trim)
lctrl-vPaste clipboard at end of selection
lctrl-lshift-vReplace selection by clipboard
lshift-vAdd clipboard to selection (mix)
lctrl-wCut selection to clipboard
lctrl-yUndo ('z' on german kbd)
lctrl-lshift-yRedo ('z' on german kbd)
lctrl-zToggle snap-to-zero-crossing mode ('y' on german kbd)
lshift-zToggle cycle edit mode (same as MMB click) ('y' on german kbd)
UPZoom in
DOWNZoom out
LEFTSelect previous region, or select previous cycle (in cycle-edit mode)
lctrl-LEFTScroll left
lctrl-lshift-LEFTMove region left (+add silence around region)
RIGHTSelect next region, or select next cycle (in cycle-edit mode)
lctrl-RIGHTScroll right
`Toggle freedraw mode (^ on german kbd)
lctrl-lshift-RIGHTMove region right (+add silence around region)
DELETEDelete selection
HOMEMove selection start to 0
ENDMove selection end to end of waveform
Press twice to move selection start to end of wave
ENDSet selection start to end of selection or end of wave
lshift-ENDExpand selection end to end of waveform
Press twice to move selection start to end of wave
WHEEL UP/DOWNZoom in/out
Select previous/next cycle (in cycle-edit mode)
Select previous/next region (when selection exceeds max cycle length)
lctrl + WHEELZoom vertically
lctrl + WHEELZoom vertically in cycle mode
RMB + MOUSEMOVEScroll left/right
LMB + MOUSEMOVEMark region / autoscroll
RMB holdShow popup menu
MMBCycle bpm/marker snap modes
LMB click in upper areaSet marker
RMB click in upper areaDelete marker
lctrl + LMB clickToggle marker
Sample View keyboard shortcuts

1.3 Miscellaneous notes

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